Boston Bruins Radio's Judd Sirott Ready For New NHL Year
Judd Sirtott

How would you like to be behind the microphone for one of the biggest, if not THE biggest collapse in NHL history? Judd Sirott was. As the radio voice of the Boston Bruins, he was there at TD Gardens when the team with the best regular season record ever choked a 3-1 series lead to the Florida Panthers and were ousted in game 7.

“I think you have to be prepared for those moments. A lot of times, the team that wins the Presidents Trophy (best record during regular season) often fails to complete that run.” The last team to do that was the 2013 Chicago Blackhawks who did it during a strike shortened season.

Now in his 8th season in Boston, Sirott is living the dream albeit that dream was to be the voice of his hometown Blackhawks. He was however, their pre and post game host.

“It was a great situation and I was incredibly fortunate to be working for WGN Radio.”
Sirott also had a similar role with the Cubs where he also did an inning of play by play.

Sirott also logged 12 seasons as the voice of the Chicago Wolves of the AHL before a series of events and connections landed him in Boston. “There’s a great saying; success has a thousand fathers but when it came to landing this job, I had ten times the amount of fathers”

Sirott credits, among others, the legendary Mike “Doc” Emrick, Hall of fame broadcaster Pat Hughes and Mike Thomas, program director at WBZ FM, the station that broadcasts the Bruins.

How ironic Sirott auditioned by doing a game against the Blackhawks?! He was then offered the job.

So, of course, the Bruins opened their regular season schedule against, you guessed it, the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday night of this week.

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