Amazing Trailblazing Career Of Lyn St. James
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This week, former IndyCar racer and trailblazer for women in motorsports Lyn St. James stops by the show with NASCAR racer David Starr, national broadcaster Tyler Jones and The Racing Experts’ Dominic Aragon.

First, the guys give their thoughts on Kyle Busch’s NASCAR Cup Series win at the Talladega Superspeedway this past weekend. Busch won in the NASCAR version of “overtime” after multiple crashes marred the end of the race.

Then, they welcome Lyn. As the first female to win the Indianapolis 500 Rookie-of-the-Year honors in 1992, St. James shares her climb through racing, her love for open wheel racing, and present-day endeavors that include working with Women in Motorsports North America, which aims at helping women across all forms of motorsports further their roles and careers. St. James’ accomplishments include having finished in the top 15 on three different occasions in the world’s most famous race.

At one point during the show, St. James and Starr dive deep on the technical side of racing and what it takes to compete on track.

Aragon and Jones compared the conversation to the similarity of being a fly-on-the-wall; getting real, raw, unfiltered conversations between two pure racers at heart.

This week, viewers sent in questions for the panel, including one for St. James asking for more details on what it was like to test a Ford Thunderbird stock car with Bill Elliott at Talladega Superspeedway.

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