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Three Reasons the Broncos Should Keep Losing

Denver is off to an 0-3 start. The season is over. And the Broncos need to keep losing games. Here are 3 reasons why.
Broncos Keep Losing

Denver is off to an 0-3 start. The season is over. And the Broncos need to keep losing games. Although it seems contrary to the fighting spirit of the game, there is no reason to try to win. And there are many reasons not to. As the Broncos head toward their seventh straight losing season, there isn’t an incentive for them to piece together a couple of cheap wins. Instead, they need to keep losing, and here are 3 reasons why.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why The Broncos Need to Keep Losing

Reason #1: Caleb Williams

The most obvious reason that the Broncos need to keep losing is Caleb Williams. The USC quarterback has been compared to Patrick Mahomes. And in order to beat Mahomes, the Broncos need to *be* Mahomes. If Williams is the next greatest NFL QB, Denver sure picked a good time to be awful. Having the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft will be the asset of the century if Williams becomes everything we think he can be. Not that quarterback Russell Wilson is the reason for Denver’s bad season so far. But at some point, the team needs to look toward the future, and that time may as well be now.

Reason #2: Fire Someone

The next important reason that the Broncos need to keep losing is so they have an excuse to fire people. Much like in a government job, it’s hard to find a reason to work through the process of firing an NFL coach. Excuses are constantly made, and personal relationships get in the way. If Denver continues to lose, it allows them to make the changes that need to be made. And the first firing should be defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. Sean Payton says that right now no jobs are in jeopardy, but they should be, Joseph’s right away. Denver’s defense has been an embarrassment, highlighted by their utterly unbelievable 20-70 loss against Miami in Week 3. And someone needs to be held accountable, if simply for morale and to prove that, next year, losing will not be an acceptable culture.

Reason #3: Trade Everyone

The final and most bittersweet reason that the Broncos need to keep losing is so that the team can allow itself to trade its players. The Broncos gave away so many draft picks for both Russell Wilson and Sean Payton that they will be in debt for years. Getting some of the draft picks back by trading veteran players would be a smart decision. Especially high-priced veterans, who won’t be able to contribute to a losing team that hopes to be good years down the road. Much as in the MLB, Denver needs to become sellers, they definitely aren’t buyers, and the time is now.

The Broncos Need To Keep Losing

The Broncos need to keep losing, and there are many reasons why. They need to be bad enough that they can draft Caleb Williams, become justified in firing poor staff, and move on from veteran talent with hefty contracts. Basically, Denver needs to tank, in a season that is already over before it began. They need a complete reboot, with winning as a goal for the future, not an option right now. And since their play on the field is basically taking them in this direction anyway, what choice do they have?

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