Lando Norris Sees Harsh Side Of Max Verstappen At Austrian GP

Lando Norris’ chance for a win disappeared after contact with Max Verstappen at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Lando Norris had quite a weekend in Austria. The English driver was at the front, challenging the World Champion Max Verstappen, the whole weekend.

But everything went wrong during the race on Sunday.

After the Grand Prix in Barcelona, the McLarens were strong in Austria, too. Their pace in Qualifying and during the race was impressive. However, Norris, despite being the closest driver to Verstappen, couldn’t win it.

During the Sprint, what penalised him were his own mistakes. He took any opportunity to get ahead but struggled against Red Bull and Piastri. The driver himself admitted it, during the interviews, but he said he was confident for the race.

However, things didn’t go the way he intended.

Lando vs Max

The McLaren and the Red Bull were fighting the whole race today. According to Norris, their battles weren’t fair. From an unsafe release, Verstappen moving under breaking and not giving space, it was a tough race for Norris.

He attacked Verstappen on multiple occasions, going against him with force. The McLaren was the fastest car on the track, but Max defended with all his might.

In the last stint of the race, Norris attempted to go around the outside of the Red Bull. However, there was contact, which led to each driver suffering punctures, and the Brit with front wing damage. Norris retired from the race, but Verstappen was able to go on to the end and finish the race in P5. The stewards gave Verstappen a 10-second time penalty, although he still kept his P5.

George Russell became the race leader following the incident ahead of him. He went on to win the race, with Oscar Piastri and Ferrar’s Carlos Sainz behind him respectively.

Lando Norris was furious after coming out of the car and at the interviews. Talking to SkySport, Norris admitted to being disappointed about what happened and used some strong words against his rival and friend.

“I’m in a way not surprised, but I just expected a tough, fair,respectful on the edge bit of  racing and I don’t feel like that’s what I got him into” – Lando Norris to Sky Sport.

He also added Verstappen went a little bit too far with his defending, adding: “He’s always a bit like that”. 

Norris explicitly said that even their long-term friendship is at risk:

“It will depend on him and how he explains. If he claims to be right it will be over, if he admits that he did something stupid then I’ll understand.” – Lando Norris to Sky Sport.

Even Andrea Stella, McLaren team principal, commented on the event and said that everyone “can see who is responsible for the incident except for a group of people”.

More misfortunes

Not only Norris had to retire from the race, but there was also an investigation of track limits for him.

While fighting against Max, the McLaren infringed the track limits and received a 5-second penalty. Naturally, since he had a DNF, it wasn’t served.

This means that during the next GP in Silverstone, which will be held this coming weekend, Norris will serve his penalty. This will definitely change his approach to his home race.


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