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McLaren Are Closing The Gap To Red Bull

After the large package of updates was brought to Miami, McLaren immediately showed that it was satisfied. This is especially after the first career victory for Lando Norris, and a near-second win for the Brit in Imola.


In these qualifying sessions for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, both McLarens demonstrated that they have a good race pace, very fast and above all very competitive. Lando Norris managed to take third place while his teammate, Oscar Piastri managed to obtain second place. Unfortunately, however, the impeding committed against Kevin Magnussen during qualifying cost Oscar Piastri dearly. Because of this, he received a penalty, dropping three places on the starting grid. The Australian thus lost the front row to teammate Lando Norris.


For the race in Imola, both McLaren drivers started very confident, certain they could achieve another podium. Even during the race, they demonstrated good pace, good tyre management and excellent strategies. But this was not enough to conquer the top spot of the podium. As such, Lando Norris came close to his second victory in Formula One. Nonetheless, this race demonstrated and above all confirmed the excellent development plan of this MCL38.

There was only 725 thousandths of a difference from his opponent Max Verstappen, who once again dominated a race without too many difficulties. A glimmer of hope was seen in conquering the podium when, halfway through the race, Red Bull showed some difficulties on the track. Max Verstappen complained of understeer problems and a fairly flat battery. In this moment of fragility and difficulty, Lando Norris tried to reduce the gap with the reigning champion. However, this was not enough to overtake Max Verstappen for the win.

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A new season starts from Imola

Looking at the outcome of the Imola GP, we can see how the gap between Red Bull and the other teams is increasingly decreasing. McLaren and Ferrari are getting ever closer to the team that in recent years has been the worst nightmare of the entire grid. The time has come for the Bulls to watch their backs, because before Red Bull competed alone, and now find themselves hot on their heels with two teams who can’t wait to fight and conquer the podium.

The key element was the upgrades brought by McLaren, which have thus far indicated that they are on the right track. After last season, which didn’t start in the best way, now the Papaya team is demonstrating that it has the right qualities to be a competitive team. The race in Imola is just a taste of what we may see in the next races. After travelling alone at the speed of light, Red Bull may have to work that much harder for victory.


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