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Aston Martin expected to extend Lance Stroll contract

Despite question marks about his future, Lance Stroll is expected to continue with Aston Martin.

Aston Martin recently announced a new multi-year contract with Fernando Alonso. This partnership has already achieved successful results, including eight podiums and a 4th overall finish for Alonso in the drivers’ standings. Moving forward, the Spaniard’s presence with the team is essential to their F1 success. Since his arrival, Alonso has been responsible for roughly 75% of the Silverstone-based team’s points tally. On the opposite side of the garage, Lance Stroll is regularly a few steps behind his more experienced teammate. This is clearly represented in the standings – and is now spilling into driver market discussion.

When considering the volume of talented drivers available, Aston Martin could make a statement ahead of 2026. Carlos Sainz and Yuki Tsunoda are among the drivers who the Silverstone-based team could sign. As a three-time race winner, Sainz has proven to be within touching distance of the exceptionally talented Charles Leclerc in recent seasons. Undoubtedly, he could improve Aston’s results and simultaneously raise the team’s profile. In a similar vein, Tsunoda’s arrival would make sense from a long-term standpoint. Not only is the 23-year-old performing at a very high level, but his presence in a Honda-powered team would certainly be a commercial boost.

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Honda dimension

Of course, this is not the first time drivers have been available for Aston Martin to sign. In previous seasons, the presence of high-performing drivers in the market has done little to impact Stroll’s status. What will be different in 2026, however, is Honda’s presence. The Japanese manufacturer will supply Aston’s engines for two years, which will be crucial for the team’s performance and overall autonomy. For the first time, Aston Martin will be fully in control of their own destiny.

Alongside this boost, however, there could be additional pressure. Honda has already explained they were involved in the decision to extend Fernando Alonso’s contract. It seems plausible that Aston Martin will need their approval to keep Lance Stroll in the team in 2026. After all, the performance gap within the British team’s garage is clear.

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Aston Martin still committed to Stroll

Despite this potent new variable, the Silverstone-based team’s commitment to Lance Stroll seems unwavering. According to a report from RACER, Mike Krack’s team have cited the Canadian’s “technical feedback” as extremely valuable. This quality – which is obviously impossible to measure from the outside – emphasises that Aston has no shortage of reasons at the ready to justify Stroll’s presence in the team.

In the long term, it is questionable how long the 25-year-old can keep his position. Competing against top teams with Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and Max Verstappen behind the wheel seems an uphill battle with Stroll’s continued presence. Still, the team’s indications seem to confirm their commitment to the Canadian driver.


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