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Aston Martin reveal Fernando Alonso contract hopes

Aston Martin wants to keep Fernando Alonso in the team until 2026 and beyond.

Mike Krack, team principal at Aston Martin, has repeatedly mentioned that retaining Fernando Alonso is the priority for 2025 and beyond. This is hardly a surprise, considering that the Spaniard is responsible for about 75% of the team’s points since his arrival last season.

However, the question is whether Alonso wants to continue with the team. Whilst showing no signs of diminishing performance, the 42-year-old wants an exciting project with the potential to fight at the front of Formula 1. Because of this, Aston Martin’s development of the AMR24 is critical.

Their trajectory in the coming months will not only impact their success in 2024 but also contribute to their platform for 2025. Therefore, the British outfit must demonstrate they have learned from the pitfalls of last season.

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Aston works to keep Alonso for the long-term

Speaking after the Japanese GP, Mike Krack emphasised the importance of aggressive mid-season development to convince Fernando Alonso to stay. In addition, he outlined the importance of showcasing the potential to deliver a race-winning car in the new 2026 regulations:

“If we have the wind tunnel available, and with the whole thing completed – together with Honda – it’s certainly attractive,” motorsport-total quotes him as saying.

“Definitely more so than two years ago. 

“But we also know that it’s [even though] it’s nice to have all these, you have to deliver on the track. 

“That’s the only thing you’re measured on, that’s the most important thing. We still have to do more… We won’t stop. 

“We’ll bring more parts over the course of the season to motivate him and make him happy at Aston Martin.”

Fernando Alonso remains the priority 

There can be little doubt that Aston Martin is a more serious proposition than it was two years ago. On-track success, hiring of top personnel, and investment in key infrastructure puts the team in a strong position.

However, as Mike Krack outlined, facilities are only half the battle. It is now up to the Silverstone factory to deliver on its potential.

To be sure, drivers like Carlos Sainz are available in the market. So in the event Alonso chooses to depart – Aston will have capable alternatives. Still, the priority remains to secure a contract extension with the two-time World Champion. Considering their success last season, there will be eagerness on both sides to extend their partnership if the future appears bright.


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