F1: Miami Grand Prix Predictions Roundtable

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AUTODROME, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - MAY 06: Kevin Magnussen, Haas VF-23 during the Miami GP at Miami International Autodrome on Saturday May 06, 2023 in Miami, United States of America. (Photo by Andy Hone / LAT Images)

Will Perez take the lead of the title or does Verstappen bounce back to win in Miami again? Find out in the latest roundtable from LWOS.

The first of back-to-back weekends for the 2023 season is upon us as Formula One makes its return to the USA for the Miami Grand Prix. This marks the second installment of the race, and it looks for an improved race weekend than the first one. Max Verstappen was the winner of last year’s race and will look for a repeat this upcoming weekend. Rain is expected to make an appearance this weekend, and could cause some havoc. Down below is the latest LWOS roundtable for our Miami Grand Prix predictions.

Race Winner

  • Ajanni – Max Verstappen
  • Arturo – Charles Leclerc
  • Thomas – Fernando Alonso
  • Vincent – Max Verstappen

The previous race winner Max Verstappen is the favored driver to be victorious for the second consecutive year. Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso each have one pick each. Verstappen’s teammate Perez is on a great run coming into the race weekend as he closed the title race down to 6 points. For Leclerc, it seems he can not match the pace of Red Bull. Following a pole position in Baku, Leclerc will hope for better luck to place himself in line for victory. Alonso can be in line for contention after finishing 4th in Baku. Who knows, maybe all three drivers could finish in the top 3.

Remaining Podium

  • Ajanni – Charles Leclerc &  Lewis Hamilton
  • Arturo – Sergio Perez & Max Verstappen
  • Thomas – Sergio Perez & Sir Lewis Hamilton
  • Vincent – Sergio Perez & George Russell

In last weekend’s results, we saw two Red Bulls and one Ferrari on the podium. Based on the predictions above, I believed that the same result will occur again. Although, Ajanni and Vincent are going for the top three teams finishing on the podium. Mercedes’s new upgrade will not arrive until Imola, so they could still struggle with straight-line speed. Thomas with a bold prediction as he does not have Verstappen in the top three. Could it be a difficult weekend for the champion?

Driver Of The Day

  • Ajanni – Lewis Hamilton
  • Arturo – Nyck de Vries
  • Thomas – Fernando Alonso
  • Vincent – Charles Leclerc

Following his sensational victory as the “King of the Streets” Sergio Perez was awarded “Driver of the Day.” This time, Perez was not selected to win consecutive Driver of the Day awards. I decided with Nyck de Vries to win it as he needs to have a good result at some point this year to bring something positive. Hamilton is a good shout to win it, although it would take some insane driving and possibly beating out at least a Red Bull to win it. As for Alonso and Leclerc, they could win if they find their way to win the race. Alonso has already achieved one earlier this year but will need to grab himself a better result. The same will go for Leclerc as well.

Surprise of the Day

  • Ajanni – Mid-race downpour
  • Arturo – Nyck de Vries will score points
  • Thomas – Max Verstappen will DNF…Overshadowing the landmark moment of Aston Martin’s maiden F1 victory
  • Vincent – No safety cars in the race

Surprises of the day can be a hit or miss. When the unexpected occurs, it can really change the whole landscape of a race weekend. For this week’s surprises, Ajanni predicted a downpour for the race. The weather report in Miami has predicted that a rainstorm could strike on race day. Perhaps the race may have a different outcome at the end, depending on how much rain they get. Thomas always provides detailed predictions. If the rain does indeed appears, could his prediction come true? As for myself, I have a strong belief that Nyck de Vries can turn it around and score points as a confidence booster. As for Vincent, he continues with his no-safety car for the race. Even with the rain, if we do not see a safety car during the race, he may have gotten the biggest surprise yet.

Featured Image Credit: Andy Hone / LAT Images