F1 Predictions: Who wins the Driver & Constructors Championships in 2023?

F1 Predictions - 2023 Ferrari

Can anyone take the championships away from Red Bull and Max Verstappen? The LWOS staff weighs in with their F1 predictions.

We’ve finally reached the end of the pre-season F1 predictions series. After getting the team’s thoughts on which teams will shine and which will falter in 2023, along with which of the three rookies will have the best season, it’s time to predict who lifts the Driver and Constructors Championship trophies at the end of the year.

F1 Predictions:

Driver’s Championship

  • Arturo – Charles Leclerc
  • Cameron – Max Verstappen
  • Fatima – Lewis Hamilton
  • Gabe – Max Verstappen
  • Jack – Max Verstappen
  • Justin – Max Verstappen
  • Nathan – Charles Leclerc
  • Nelson – Max Verstappen
  • Patricia – Max Verstappen
  • Thomas – Lewis Hamilton
  • Vincent – Max Verstappen
  • Yara – Lewis Hamilton

No surprise to see Max Verstappen topping the list heading into 2023. After taking the dominant car to the Championship and a record number of wins, the majority of staff believe Verstappen makes it three titles in a row. However, perhaps the surprise in this category is that Lewis Hamilton received more votes (3) than Charles Leclerc (2). Will either team be able to deliver a car that can challenge the Red Bull?

Constructor’s Championship

  • Arturo – Mercedes
  • Cameron – Red Bull
  • Fatima – Ferrari
  • Gabe – Red Bull
  • Jack – Mercedes
  • Justin – Red Bull
  • Nathan – Red Bull
  • Nelson – Mercedes
  • Patricia – Red Bull
  • Thomas – Mercedes
  • Vincent – Mercedes
  • Yara – Mercedes

It is based on the end of 2022, blind hope for a more competitive season, or do they simply see something else? Mercedes, yes last year’s third-place team, received more picks (6) to retake the Constructor’s Championship than Red Bull (5) or Ferarri (1). Will they make that big of a jump? Could their radical no-side pod design end up coming around to be the top design at some point during the 2023 season? If that’s the case, it’ll be unexpected for sure.

Will it be a repeat in 2023 or will someone new take one or both of the championships? Let us know your F1 predictions in the LWOS comment section below.

Featured Image Credit: Ferrari Media Portal