F1: Grading Alfa Romeo’s 2023 livery

Alfa Romeo Livery - Sauber 2023 F1

Alfa Romeo launched their 2023 livery for the C43 at a live event in Zurich, Switzerland, hosted by Tom Clarkson.

Alfa Romeo became the fourth team to reveal their 2023 livery. In addition, they announced a new partnership with the Online casino Stake, saying goodbye to their old title sponsor Orlen.

The C43 Livery

Alfa Romeo surely didn’t just do a copy-and-paste design. They replaced their usual white and red color scheme and have elected to go with a primarily black and red design. The car features the team’s new title sponsor Stake. As seen in the images below the car strikes a strong visual from above, in front, and the side. Another pleasing detail is the Italian Flag on the rear wing of the car with the Alfa Romeo badge in the middle.

At the live event Jan Mounchaux, the Technical Director of Alfa Romeo, said:

“The car looks mean not only from the data but also the livery which gives it an additional level of being mean. I find the car pretty sexy but then again will it be quick enough? We will see at the start of the season. Our hopes are high.”

Ranking the design

This might be the best livery yet to be revealed in the 2023 livery launch season. The color switch from white to black is a refreshing change from the team’s old liveries, considering white and red have been the car’s colors since the team‘s entry in Formula 1. The Italian Flag on the back creates a contrast to the rather dark design and brings in some more color.

It will be interesting to see what the C43 will look like next to other cars on the grid. Due to the darker color scheme, it could be a bit harder to stand out amongst other cars.

Grade: 8/10

Alfa Romeo’s final year in F1

Since 2019, Sauber has raced under the name Alfa Romeo. However, 2023 will be the last year of their branding deal. In addition, it was already announced that Sauber will go into a partnership with Audi beginning in 2026.

Featured Image Credit: Sauber-Group.com