Arthur Leclerc: Top 10 things to know about the Monégasque

Arthur Leclerc - Formula 3

Arthur Leclerc is one of the biggest names in the F1 feeder series at the moment, but how well do people really know him?

Arthur Leclerc is perhaps one of, if not, the biggest name currently in the Formula 1 feeder series. Recognizable based on his last name, let’s answer a few of the common questions about Arthur Leclerc.

1 – Who is Arthur Leclerc?

Arthur Leclerc was born and raised in Monaco, Monte Carlo, and is the son of Hervé and Pascale Leclerc. He has two older brothers: Charles and Lorenzo. Lorenzo currently acts as Arthur’s manager and accompanies him to races.

Leclerc began his karting career in 2008 but went on a six-year-long hiatus until 2014. He made his single-seater debut in 2017. The siblings’ father, Herve, sadly passed away in 2017 when Arthur was seventeen.

2 – What series does he drive in?

As of 2022, Leclerc races in the Formula 3 Championship, recently finishing his second season at the level. He had one victory and two podiums, finishing sixth in the championship.

3 – What team does he drive for?

Leclerc currently races for PREMA Powerteam in what is his third overall season with the team.

4 – How old is he?

Leclerc was born on October 14th, 2000. He is currently 22 years old.

5 – Has he won any Championships?

Leclerc has won one karting championship and one single-seater championship.

  • 2014 – National Series Karting: KRA 11-15
  • 2022 – Formula Regional Asian Championship (FRAC)

6 – How many races has he won?

Leclerc currently has sixteen victories to his name throughout his single-seater career.

  • 2018 – French Formula 4 Championship (2 wins)
  • 2019 – ADAC Formula 4 Championship (1 win)
  • 2020 – Formula Regional European Championship (6 wins)
  • 2021 – FIA Formula 3 Championship (2 wins)
  • 2022 – FRAC (4 wins)
  • 2022 – FIA Formula 3 Championship (1 win)

7 – Where will he be driving in 2023?

It is heavily rumored that Leclerc will be racing in Formula 2 for DAMS Racing following Roy Nissany’s departure. Although nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet.

8 – Is he part of the Ferrari system?

Arthur, like his brother Charles before him, is part of the Ferrari Drivers Academy (FDA) since 2020.

9 – Will he make it to Formula 1?

With Leclerc’s familial connections as well as his ties to Ferrari, it is possible we could see him make the step up and join his brother. However, Leclerc will first need to show that he can improve his qualifying and become a true title contender in F2.

10 – How does his record compare to Charles Leclerc’s?

Statistically speaking Charles holds the better record. The older Leclerc was able to win the GP3 (F3) Championship with ART and the F2 Championship with PREMA. Arthur currently only has three wins at the F3 level, two in 2021 and one in 2022. Next season is expected to be his first chance to test himself in Formula 2.

Featured Image Credit: Lars Baron/Getty Images