F1 Predictions: Sao Paulo Grand Prix Roundtable

AlphaTauri's French driver Pierre Gasly (L) and Alfa Romeo's Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas attend a press conference at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace racetrack in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on November 10, 2022, ahead of the Formula One Brazil Grand Prix. (Photo by EVARISTO SA / AFP) (Photo by EVARISTO SA/AFP via Getty Images)

Formula 1 returns to Brazil for the Sao Paulo Grand Prix and LWOS locks in their F1 Predictions – race winner, podium, and surprise result.

The Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace sets the stage for the season’s penultimate weekend for the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. Over the years, Brazil has been a spectacle for F1 and has always provided tantalizing moments. This weekend also includes the third and final sprint race of the season on Saturday. Fans expect Brazil to deliver a better race than Mexico City. Can hometown hero Lewis Hamilton continue his dominant record in Brazil to win his first of the season? Or will Max Verstappen continue his dominance and add another win? Here are the LWOS staff’s predictions in the latest F1 predictions roundtable.

Race Winner

  • Arturo – Lewis Hamilton
  • Evan – Lewis Hamilton
  • Fatima – Max Verstappen
  • Gabe – Lewis Hamilton
  • Jack – Charles Leclerc
  • Justin – Max Verstappen
  • Mikey – Lewis Hamilton
  • Nathan – Max Verstappen
  • Nelson – Max Verstappen
  • Nick – Max Verstappen
  • Thomas – Lewis Hamilton
  • Yara – Lewis Hamilton

Most of the staff favor Lewis Hamilton with six picks and Max Verstappen with five picks. Charles Leclerc is the only other driver selected as a predicted winner. Seeing both Verstappen and Hamilton as the main choices does bring memories of last season’s battle between the two. Hamilton may not be from Brazil, but they treat him like he’s one of their own. Hamilton’s record for a win in every season hangs by a thread. This is a track he dominates, and it is his final realistic chance to get the first win of the season. Verstappen on the other hand will look to add another win to his record-breaking winning season in the unstoppable Red Bull car.

I believe these two will once again separate themselves for the race win as they did a year ago in an incredible race. Leclerc can put himself into the mix if he can win the Sprint Race to start on pole. Leclerc’s track record in Brazil could be better. He will need Verstappen to suffer an issue if he wants to be in contention to secure his fourth win of the year.

Remaining Podium

  • Arturo – Sergio Perez & George Russell
  • Evan – Max Verstappen & Charles Leclerc
  • Fatima – Lewis Hamilton & Carlos Sainz
  • Gabe – Max Verstappen & Esteban Ocon
  • Jack – Lewis Hamilton & Carlos Sainz
  • Justin – Lewis Hamilton & Charles Leclerc
  • Mikey – Max Verstappen & Carlos Sainz
  • Nathan – Lewis Hamilton & George Russell
  • Nelson – Charles Leclerc & Lewis Hamilton
  • Nick – Lewis Hamilton & George Russell
  • Thomas – Sergio Perez & George Russell
  • Yara – George Russell & Charles Leclerc

At this point of the season, the podium has become very predictable. The top three teams Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes have dominated the top three places all year. George Russell is a common choice for another podium as he continues to impress in his first year with Mercedes. The Ferrari pairing of Leclerc and Sainz is in need of podiums to keep Mercedes at bay for second in the constructors. Sergio Perez will like to stick with the podiums to secure his spot in second in the standings as well, but surprisingly only got two mentions this week.

Surprise Result

  • Arturo – Vettel top 5 finish
  • Evan – Latifi top 5 finish
  • Fatima – Russell and Leclerc contact and DNF
  • Gabe – Ocon top 5 finish
  • Jack – Max Verstappen DNF
  • Justin – Sainz and Perez lap 1 crash
  • Mikey – Massive first lap incident
  • Nathan – George Russell wins the Sprint Race
  • Nelson – Lando Norris top 5 finish
  • Nick – Ferrari Double DNF after starting in the top 3 from the Sprint
  • Thomas – Lando Norris’ McLaren will start on the outside front row lane and bring home a top-5 finish
  • Yara – Gasly get a race ban

Throughout the predictions, many believe that Brazil will provide a memorable race. Few of our staff see some early race incidents will come about to stir up the race. Rain is in the forecast for Sunday’s race, it’s plausible for chaos to occur on the opening lap. Many predict the top drivers will be those involved in incidents. If that comes true, we can witness the likes of Latifi and Vettel take advantage to score decent points. This is a long shot for those two, but Brazil over the years has created incredible moments that left us speechless.

Now you’ve seen our staff’s picks, what do you think will happen in Brazil this weekend? Let us know your F1 Predictions for the race winner, podium, and surprise result by signing up for our LWOS comment system.

Featured Image Credit: EVARISTO SA/AFP via Getty Images