Formula 1 Announces Plans for 2020 Season

Formula 1
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Formula 1 CEO, Chase Carey released an update today on Formula 1’s 2020 Season, giving fans around the world some hope for racing in the near future.

While announcing some races, including the French Grand Prix in June, would be canceled, Carey gave fans a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, giving start date and start location for the 2020 season to finally get underway.

Formula 1 Rescheduling Races

The first race of the season is set to take place the weekend of July 3-5 in Austria. Formula 1 is optimistic that by then, racing will be able to begin safely.

They are choosing to start in Europe and will be racing from July through November.  Races will be held in Europe, the Americas, and Asia before moving to Bahrain at the end of the season.

The last race will now take place in Abu Dhabi, as it traditionally has been done.  The goal is to race anywhere between 15-18 races over the course of the 2020 season. Details are still pending; however, the tentative schedule is in place.

Making Racing Safer for Everyone

Formula 1 fully expects the first few races to be run without the presence of fans, however, Carey said they are hoping to have fans join them as the season progresses.

Carey also mentioned the health and safety of the teams and fans is Formula 1’s first priority.  Procedures to ensure the safety of every one, along with fan protocols, will be further discussed and established by Formula 1 as the beginning of the season draws near. Carey also assured fans that the health of everyone involved, is not just the primary concern now, but as F1 advances into the future.

Further race details will be made available as Formula 1 confirms the remainder of the 2020 season.   For now, at least fans can look forward to once again hearing the roar of the Formula 1 cars as they thunder around the track.

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