Five interesting F1 records you should know

F1 records

Formula 1 is the most elite racing sport. It includes some of the best drivers in the world. F1 is not just about watching something that will pump up your adrenaline. It is also a sport full of achievements, and here are five interesting F1 records you should know.

The racetracks and requirements have been widely seen as a motivation to improve the technology of the cars when it comes to engine, speed, braking, aerodynamics and more. Formula 1 is also a sport that is really popular for betting fans.

Many sports motivate the industries to push the technology forward. F1’s ‘brother’ is the 24 Hour of Le Mans, a race that is solely built of fuel economy, endurance, engine quality, and reliability. But, since our focus is on Formula 1, we decided to give you some interesting records when it comes to races and record winners (spoiler: notice how Michael Schumacher is dominating everywhere).

Here are our top picks.

Most Wins at the Same Grand Prix

The legendary Michael Schumacher is dominating this category. He holds the No.1 and No.2 spot with 7 and 8 wins at the same Grand Prix. He had 7 wins in the Canadian and San Marino Grand Prix and 8 wins in the French Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton is second with 7 wins in the Canadian and Hungarian GP. Ayrton Senna (Monaco GP) and Alain Prost (Brazilian and French GP) are sharing the third spot with 6 wins. Schumacher and Hamilton are also tied with 6 wins in various Grand Prix races.

Most Wins in a Season

The German drivers are the best in this section according to the statistics. Schumi is again on the first sport, together with Sebastian Vettel. Both of them have 13 wins, but Schumacher’s winning percentage is slightly better. Vettel reached the record in 2013, while Michael reached in 9 years earlier, in 2004. They also share the 3rd and 4th spot with 11 wins in 2002 (Schumacher) and 2011 (Vettel).

Most Overall Wins

And yet again, Michael Schumacher is present. He is currently at the top with 91 wins in 308 entries. Lewis Hamilton is trailing behind him and he is on his way to break the record. As of right now, Hamilton has 82 wins. Sebastian Vettel is third with 53, Alain Prost is 4th with 51, and Ayrton Senna concludes the top 5 list with 41 total wins.

Most Consecutive Wins

Sebastian Vettel had 9 consecutive wins in 2013 and he holds the number one spot in this section. Alberto Ascari, Michael Schumacher, and Nico Rosberg are sharing the second spot with 7 consecutive wins. Schumacher is again on the 3rd spot with 6 consecutive wins from 2001-2002. Jack Brabham, Jim Clark, Nigel Mansell, Michael Schumacher, and Lewis Hamilton have recorded 5 consecutive wins, completing this list.

Youngest and Oldest Winners

Max Verstappen became the youngest-ever winner at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. He was 18 years and 228 days old. On the other side, Luigi Fagioli is the oldest winner. He won the 1951 French Grand Prix when he was 52 years and 22 days old.

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