2019 Motorsport Season in full swing around the Globe

2019 Motorsport season in full swing around the Globe

With the Motorsport season in full swing, competitions and racing leagues are being well supported around the Globe.

The range and breadth of motorsports categories have grown and developed to an impressive number. On four or two wheels, the selection available to fans results in more types of motorsport being broadcast globally.

From the elite of Formula One (see main picture) to MotoGP, the excitement RallyX and SprintCars, the variety has built up interest to the point that International sports betting online sites now feature many of the leading Championships and Races, in their options.

It all adds to the excitement of watching male and female drivers take their machinery to the limit.

2019 Motorsport season in full swing around the Globe


As mentioned, the elite level of Motorsport has; and will always be, headed by Formula One. The high-stakes, high-speed cars are at the cutting edge of technology and evolution of the category. The marque of manufacturers is a whos-who of the most well-known names.

Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedez-Benz, Alfa Romeo, and Renault. Teams that include Williams, Red Bull and Haas. All represent the glitz and glamour that is so appealing. And as the 2019 Formula One season is progressing, expect the best to fight it out for the F1 title.

Hot on the heels of F1, the IndyCar circuit in North America is just as ‘Fast and Furious’. Raced on both race tracks, as well as street circuits and the hugely popular oval circuits. The most famous being the Indianapolis 500, the most attended Motorsports event of any category.

With an International group of drivers, this class is world leader in sports broadcasting and fan engagement. A key factor today that every competition is working harder at; dedicated channels across all media, graphics and especially today, in social media. So over the entire calendar, holding that fan engagement is paramount.

And when you think of technology, there is no better example than Formula E. An even competition, with eight different winners across the opening eight rounds. The electric-engined category is quickly building awareness, with races spread right around the world. That will include Monaco in several weeks, which in Spring will be the ‘hottest ticket’ for celebrities and new technology fans alike.


From single seater design race car, many people can relate more easily with the form of a street-cars. Similar to what fans drive themselves, it is where manufacturers can easily transfer improved technology directly to the road. Referred to as production cars, it also includes sports-cars which include famous races such as Le Man.

The high-end of this category is NASCAR. The US-based competition has a long established history, and is today one of the most supported classes in all Motorsports.

Similar to IndyCar, raced on a range of circuits, which attracts a wide range of fans. The series is still open, with drivers moving up and down, since the famous Talladega SuperSpeedway event.

One of the most exciting aspects of Nascar, is the rolling start. The sight of up to 30 vehicles side-by-side, all reaching optimum speed in unison, in a sight for any Motorsports fan to witness.

The ‘tin tops’ can often include production cars. Those are variants easily modeled on road-going cars, with slight alterations. Something like quadrupling the output (in some cases). So this includes divisions such as the World Touring Car Championship. This is where fans of BMW, Honda, Volvo, Seat, Citroën and Chevrolet, can support their favourite brands compete against vehicles of the same engine capacity/rating.

Classic battle; Ford versus General Motors

One of the more Iconic race categories, is V8 Supercars. Raced in Australia and New Zealand, it is widely supported, with the pinnacle event being the Bathurst 1000. Traditionally based on the rivalry between brands the Holden Commodore (General Motors) and Ford Falcon. Although, this has been interrupted in 2019, with the introduction of the Ford Mustang.

That change has upset some, especially as Ford driver Scott McLaughlin won five of the six opening races. That has added some International interest, with Roger Penske; along with Michael Andretti, bringing their wealth a racing knowledge into the Virgin Australia V8 Supercars championship.

Porsche Carrera Cup racing is also a hugely popular category. A one-design competition, it pits drivers against each other, in virtually similar cars. A class where the skills of the driver are at the fore, and one that is exciting for the overtaking manoeuvres and panel-to-panel racing.

This category is rapidly growing, with competitions across several continents, which culminate in the Porsche SuperCup championship.


With a long history, two-wheeled motorsport is fast, exciting and adrenaline-fueled. The sheer exhilaration of the machines, is what separates it from most other forms of motorsport. Only the elite division of Supercar GT4, where Lamborghini, Ferrari and Audi race, does anything match the high performance.

MotoGP has become the most successful category of motorcycle racing. The modern-day Formula 500, with engines rated above 500cc, it continues to excel in the highly competitive championship.

While highlights can interest some, in motorcycle racing it can be a lifelong passion. Similar to racecars, the category is as important as the Marque. European, Japanese; pedigree versus machinery. A deep-seated enthusiasm built over years of following the results – one where online sports betting now adds to the enjoyment.

Rewards aside, for some motorsports fans, it is all about Speed

And when motorcycle fans discuss pure speed, they have to discuss the Isle of Man TT. This is one of the most sensory-blinding examples of high-speed racing anywhere. The below footage shows that the evolution of the machinery, attracts fans across the world.

This is a weekend event. A moment in summer that is an annual occasion. Just like individual races on the calendar hold the attention of many; Daytona, Spa, the Rally Italia Sardegna, or MotoX GP.

All of these different variants of motorsport are at different points of their competition. For fans, their focus is either singularly on one category or, it is across several of their most favourite.

For Last Word on Sport, the range and breadth of these competitions is what makes motorsport that much more enjoyable. Entertainment, which you can bet on.

Always evolving with technology, to suit the demands of the motorsports audience.


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