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Marta Garcia Takes First Steps into Formula E with ERT

Marta Garcia, fresh off her championship win in the inaugural F1 Academy season, is set to take her first steps into the world of Formula E. The Iron Dames driver will be joining the ERT Formula E Team for the highly anticipated Rookie Test at the upcoming Berlin E-Prix.

This is a significant moment for both Garcia and the team, potentially marking the beginning of a future collaboration.

A Force to be Reckoned With: Garcia’s Impressive Track Record

Marta Garcia’s talent has been undeniable, having proven herself a force to be reckoned with throughout her racing career. Her upcoming FRECA stint will provide her with another platform to showcase her skills, while also allowing her to further hone her strategic racing mind.

Beyond the Test: A Step Towards Inclusivity

This partnership transcends a simple test session. It’s a stride towards a more inclusive motorsport landscape. Garcia’s presence at the Berlin E-Prix serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring female racers, aligning perfectly with Formula E’s commitment to creating a level playing field for talent.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Marta García to the ERT Formula E family,” said Team Principal Alex Hui. “Her exceptional talent is undeniable, and this test is a fantastic platform to showcase her skills within the dynamic environment of Formula E.”

Eager to Contribute: Garcia Embraces the Opportunity

Marta Garcia herself is brimming with enthusiasm. “I am thrilled to join ERT Formula E Team for the Berlin Rookie Test,” she said. “Formula E represents the future of motorsport, and I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity. I’ve been following the championship closely, and I’m eager to get behind the wheel and contribute to the team’s development.”

Learning the Ropes: The Importance of the Rookie Test

The Rookie Test offers a crucial platform for young drivers like Garcia to gain experience in a Formula E car. Throughout the day, she will participate in various on-track sessions, familiarizing herself with the car’s unique handling and the challenges of racing on a temporary circuit. The data and feedback gathered will be invaluable for both Garcia’s future and the ERT Formula E Team.

With her undeniable talent and dedication, Marta Garcia is a star on the rise, and her journey in both FRECA and potentially Formula E promises to be an exciting one to follow.

F1 Academy Champion Marta Garcia Signs with Iron Dames


Further bolstering her impressive year, Iron Dames also has signed Garcia for their program. The all-female initiative has been a major force in promoting women in motorsport. Garcia joins a roster of talented drivers competing across various series. This partnership showcases Garcia’s well-rounded talent and her potential to become a leading figure in the sport.

Through the Rookie Test and foundation with the Iron Dames, Garcia’s future in motorsport looks bright. It will be exciting to see how she develops her skills and progresses through the ranks in the coming years.


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