Haas F1 Appeals Against Romain Grosjean’s Italian GP Exclusion

Romain Grosjean

Haas F1 isn’t going to go down without a fight after Romain Grosjean’s sixth place finish at the Italian GP was excluded. The News came out on Friday that the American F1 racing team will appeal the ruling, which was handed out due to the floor of the car not meeting regulations.

Haas F1 Appeals Against Romain Grosjean’s Italian GP Exclusion

The Situation For Haas

Renault was the team who brought the Haas F1 design to light, making the ruling happen. If the situation had not gone under the radar of the FIA, Haas would have surpassed Renault in the constructors’ championship standings. Haas’ reasoning for not complying with the rules was that the changes to the car were hard to make during the break.

It was the Sunday night of the race that news broke that Grosjean’s car did not meet regulations and would be penalized for it. Since the Canadian GP, Grosjean has been running a setup that became illegal after a FIA rule change from July onwards. More specifically, after the rule change the team had to have a 50mm radius on the front corners of the T-Tray. Haas put in the appeal Thursday the week after, before the window for appeal closed.

Haas is appealing matter to the FIA’s International Court of Appeal because it is adamant it did nothing wrong. Haas boss Guenther Steiner said: “I wouldn’t expect it, but sometimes people react this way. If they cannot beat you on the track, they try to beat you in court. That is what seems to be happening. You have to work hard to be envied. We’d rather work hard for it and fight even more.”

Haas wants to walk away unscathed from their Italian dilemma although they don’t have much of a way out.

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