Sergey Sirotkin’s First Points Means The 2018 F1 Season Is One Of A Kind

Sergey Sirotkin of Williams scored the first point in his young Formula 1 career at the Italian Grand Prix. Sirtokin finished eleventh in the race but Romain Grosjean‘s exclusion promoted the Russian to P10 and resulted in the lone point for him.

Sergey Sirotkin’s First Points Means The 2018 F1 Season Is One Of A Kind

Grosjean’s exclusion from last Sunday’s Italian GP was due to the Haas car’s illegal floor. The Frenchman finished sixth, but his Haas VF-18 did not comply with the rules. He was excluded from the results after FIA scrutineering after Renault lodged a protest. This promoted Sirotkin to tenth and the first point of his F1 career.

Sirotkin’s first point in the Formula 1 championship is historic. It means every driver who has participated in all the 2018 races has scored at least one point. This feat has never happened before.

However, this campaign is the seventh in F1 history where drivers who participated in at least half of the races, scored a point. 2018 is only the second time since 1981 where the F1 grid has achieved this feat. The other six times when all the drivers who competed in half of the races scored points were 1967, 1968, 1969, 1980, 1981, and 2005.

What makes the current season unique is the fact that every driver competing (20 drivers) has scored points. If no new driver is added to the grid and the same 20 drivers continue until the checkered flag at Abu Dhabi on November 25th this will indeed be a unique season.

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