Formula 1 Awaits Miami City Commission’s Approval Of Miami GP

Formula 1 is flirting with the idea of holding two races in the United States next year. The Miami GP would be the name of the new event, taking place in the streets of Miami, Florida.

Formula 1 Awaits Miami City Commission’s Approval Of Miami GP

On May 10, 2018, the Miami City Commission will decide whether they should go forward with this idea. On Wednesday, Formula One put out a statement on their website addressing the topic. In the article there is a quote from Stephen Ross, a well-known entrepreneur. Ross has relevance in Miami, as he is the current owner of the cities NFL team, the Miami Dolphins.

The current goal is to have this race take place in October of 2019, the same month that Formula One heads to Austin, Texas for the United States GP. Whether the US GP or other events on the calendar will be adjusted to accommodate this race is not apparent yet.

Formula One has already bought and started to use a website domain to promote further developments on the issue. is a site that currently has the same quotes as the article and a newsletter that you can sign up for that will notify you when things change.

Back in October, news of F1 scoping out Miami for a future race became public. Around this time a full page ad was run in the Miami Herald, opposing the idea of a race on the streets. Some of the listed criticisms of the event in the advertisement were construction, street closure and noise pollution.

Formula 1 Calendar Changes

While the source is not definitive at this point, there are rumors of the Miami GP replacing Azerbaijan. Dutch media company Ziggo Sport F1 said in a tweet that this could be the last Azerbaijan GP, with Miami replacing it next year. No other news source has yet to confirm this report with their own source, but only echo the words of Ziggo Sport F1.

Next week many F1 teams and drivers will have their focus on the upcoming Spanish GP, as the Formula One executives will have their focus on what the Miami City Commission decides.

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