The Catch-22 Over F1 Halo

The implementation of the F1 Halo has become a serious debating point over the past weeks and months. Fan of the idea or not, there is no denying that there will be some sort of cockpit protection implemented in F1 in the near-future. Delaying the F1 Halo from 2017 until 2018 may well end up with the powers that be in hot water – not for the first time in recent memory. Despite a lawsuit already hanging over the heads of the FIA over the fatal accident which cost Jules Bianchi’s young life, the implementation of the F1 Halo has been pushed back a year. Should the most unfortunate fate bestow a driver in 2017, the FIA may find itself in even more hot water.

The Catch 22 over F1 Halo

The F1 Halo is not pretty. Few will argue that. However seeing an ambulance take to the circuit? Seeing concerned looks up and down the paddock? Seeing the news break of the death of a driver? Knowing that a family has lost a son, and possibly a brother, husband and father? Those things are far from pretty. What happened to Justin Wilson in an IndyCar race at Pocono was not driver error, it was nothing more than being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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