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Boise State Holds On in the Frisco Bowl

Boise State holds on to beat North Texas 35-32 in the 2022 Frisco Bowl. A game that was much closer than expected and even featured a fight.

In our 2022 Frisco Bowl preview we warned that the North Texas Mean Green wouldn’t go quietly on Saturday. And they definitely did not. Boise State held on to beat North Texas 35-32. This game had fights, a high-scoring affair, coaching drama, and an ending that came down to the wire. Let’s take a look at what happened in the 2022 Frisco Bowl.

Boise State Holds on to Beat North Texas

The freshman quarterback that has been hit-or-miss this season for Boise State was able to overcome the chatter and lead his team to victory. Taylen Green threw for 137 yards and one touchdown. Additionally, Green rushed for an extra 119 yards and two touchdowns. We stated that Green would have to limit turnovers, against a subpar North Texas defense, in order to win this contest and he did just that. George Holani was limited on Saturday, leaving with an injury in the first quarter. He finished the day with just seven carries for 24 yards. Green wasn’t the only 100-yard rusher for the Broncos on Saturday. Freshman, Ashton Jeanty filled in for Holani and ran for 178 yards and one touchdown, averaging just over six yards per carry on the day.

A Brawl?

“Boise State Holds On” was the headline, but the highlight may have been the third quarter brawl and a few extra words between coaches at the end of the game. Late in the third quarter, Green was driving Boise State down the field. It was second down and 15 yards to go when Green scampered down the North Texas sideline. He attempted a way too early hurdle and was pushed into the Mean Green bench. The signal-caller was immediately surrounded by North Texas players. This is when his wide receiver decided to come to his rescue. After an already chippy contest, something like this was bound to happen.

Latrell Caples was obviously not happy with how his young quarterback was surrounded on the sideline, so he came in to help. Pushing multiple North Texas players in the process. This led to several players from both teams pushing, shoving, and even throwing a few punches. It took several minutes for the referees to break things up and control the situation. The slight brawl resulted in multiple, offsetting, unsportsmanlike penalties and zero ejections.

A few minutes later the other sideline saw some action, but this was kept at trash talk and verbal insults rather than another physical altercation. The rest of the game was played without incident and Boise State was able to take back the lead and hold on to win by a field goal. However, the ending wasn’t without more drama. Boise State Head Coach Andy Avalos exchanged words with Mean Green interim-Head Coach Phil Bennett at the handshake.

North Texas Put Up a Fight (Figuratively and Literally)

Outside of the slight brawl that occurred in the third quarter, North Texas was able to put up a fight throughout the entire game. Boise State was expected to run away with this Frisco Bowl. However, the Mean Green was right there until the very end. Starting quarterback Austin Aune finished his career at North Texas by throwing for 238 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. Sophomore quarterback Stone Earle went two-for-four and also threw a touchdown pass in this contest.

Overall, the 2022 Frisco Bowl was much more exciting than many thought it was going to be. A close game with a mid-game fight is all anyone can ask for during a primetime bowl game on a Saturday night.

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