USF 2022 Running Back Room Preview

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USF 2022 Running Back Room Preview

With the Bulls receiving a lot of good offensive transfers, the question still lingers of how good the running game will be? Many good names have stepped up in the past two seasons, one being Jaren Mangham who has carried the load. Several other guys will be looking to step up even more this upcoming season. USF running back room preview highlights all the guys who could be big for the Bulls.

Expected Superstars

USF has a couple of returning running backs looking to have strong seasons. Even though the passing game could be lethal, the running game will have to help take a load off, Bohanon.

For starters, Mangham will return for his senior campaign in hopes of making his last season memorable. He carried a huge load for the Bulls last year. Mangham ended last season with 160 carries for 671 yards and added 15 touchdowns. Jaren was always a huge trench runner, extending plays by throwing tacklers down. He played huge on 3rd and 4th down attempts that were within 3 or 4 yards. Mangham will be someone to keep an eye on as he had a great junior year. If he can continue his role from last season, he will yet again tally great numbers.

Furthermore, another back who has a lot of potential this coming season is Brian Battie. Battie came up big for USF when it came to explosive runs. The Tiny running back is very quick and can make defenders pay easy. Battie ended last season with 58 carries for 324 yards and added one touchdown. Battie also showed he can be an asset for special teams taking back 3 kickoffs to the house. Two being in the same game against Houston. To say the least, Battie should be a lethal weapon in the backfield and on special teams for USF.

The Third of the trio, Kelley Joiner didn’t see as much time but was still a presence because of how fast and elusive he was. He ended the season with 63 carries for 385 yards adding one single touchdown. Joiner coming into the 2022-23 season will hope to fill an even bigger role in the backfield for the team. Regardless, Joiner just like Battie will be one back all defenses have trouble with strictly because of his speed.

Unfamiliar Faces

Michel Dukes a transfer from Clemson is hoping to make a direct impact in the run game for the Bulls. Dukes is a transfer from Clemson coming in for his Junior year with USF. With Dukes getting barely any time at Clemson he’s hoping he can show some life and spark a name for himself. Dukes has great vision and is someone who has a lot of potential. He is also a pretty fast running back who can make people miss if he has to. Dukes will be one to keep an eye on considering he’s played at a high level with Clemson.

Another big back who’s looking to have a breakout year is Mychael Hamilton. Hamilton will be entering his senior year and has seen almost no time for USF. Hamilton recently emerged in this year’s spring game rushing eight carries for 50 yards. Of course, it’s tough to tell how much time he will get considering he didn’t play much last year, but he showed he has a ton of potential following his spring game performance. Hamilton had a lot of tough inside carries, which showed he can do just what Jaren Mangham does: run up the middle on short yards to gain plays. With the season approaching in about 3-4 months Hamilton will have to continue to prove himself week in and week out at summer practices.

USF 2022 Running Back Room Takeaways

With the five main running backs eager to play, it’s safe to say USF could have a pretty deep running back room as long as everyone stays healthy. Playing time will be tough to determine considering Mangham, Joiner, and Battie split time last year. Despite, that trio returning Dukes and Hamilton will most likely see at least some time in the first four games.

Moreover, as the season goes on the backs who show out the best in those four games will carry most of the load during conference play. Jeff Scott along with new offensive coordinator Travis Trickett will have some hard choices to make deciding between how many reps each guy is going to get. Another thing the Bulls will have to keep in mind is how much they’re truly going to be running the ball this year. Regardless, the Bulls look to have a solid running back core who will look to make plays this coming season.