Five Game Two Improvements for Oklahoma

Five Questions For the Oklahoma Offense
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Five Game Two Improvements for Oklahoma

Five game two improvements for Oklahoma is probably a good start based on the quality of this week’s opponent.  In addition, the only positive from game one is it wasn’t a loss.  By the same token, even the most positive fan couldn’t be pleased with the performance and more importantly the mentality of the Sooner squad.

With this in mind, let us begin the discussion pertaining to five game two improvements for Oklahoma.


Consistency was definitely the tag line for game one.  Being that as it may, there was absolutely no consistency in any area for the Sooners.  For example, the effort put forth by players was hit and miss.  To clarify, at times the offense was elite and other times they seemed disinterested.  Surprisingly, it was the same on the other side of the ball.  Specifically, the defense has been the focus of improvement in Fall practice.  To summarize, the defense was as much to blame as the offense.  By and large, it’s easy to see that talent on the Sooner defense.  The defense just was not consistent, play to play.  The defense seemed to settle in after a somewhat rocky start.  Once again, consistency and complacency reared its ugly head.  As could be seen, the defense failed to show up physically or mentally in the second half.

Better Leadership

Given the excitement heading into this season, the lack of focus was shocking.  As an illustration, players on both sides of the ball literally quit at halftime.  To put it in other words, players were shedding equipment and uniforms on the sidelines early in the third quarter.  Particularly troubling that coaches were allowing behavior like this. Herein lies the problem, a lack of leadership.

No More Excuses

In the long run, excuse time is over.  Ultimately, anything less than a national championship run should be a disappointment in 2021.   From the day Spring camp began the Sooners have been of the mindset that anything less than a playoff win would not be acceptable.  With that in mind, it’s time to stop with the excuses.  Additionally, it’s time for everyone to do their job.  Everything should be in place for a championship run.


It is important to realize that in today’s college football environment it isn’t enough to lay the crimson headgear on the 50-yard line and send opponents cowering in awe.  Certainly, sheer talent isn’t enough these days.  Focus is needed to be successful.  As an illustration, Oklahoma seemed focused approximately 40% of game one.  To be sure, if Oklahoma hopes to compete for a national championship that level of focus must improve.  With this in mind, the Sooners need to focus every day at practice, to begin with.  Not only in the physical sense but also in the mental aspect of achieving the goals in front of them.

Culture Change

On the whole, if only one area of improvement were possible without a doubt it would be a culture change.

For one thing, year after year Oklahoma losses a game that they have no business losing.  To be sure that culture must change. To demonstrate, the Sooners just haven’t had that killer instinct under head coach Lincoln Riley.  In past years, Riley has been guilty of taking his foot off the gas with double-digit leads.  Although this may be true, it was not the case in game one.  Although the players clearly quit at halftime, everything goes back to culture.  Coaching and player leadership clearly dictate a team’s culture.  To that end, Oklahoma will never compete for national championships until a culture change takes place in Norman.

The Final Word

In the final analysis, the Sooners lack leadership.  As can be seen, Oklahoma clearly doesn’t have a dominant on-field leader.  It’s also important to understand players tend to mirror their leadership.  Riley has to be the guiding force for a culture change at Oklahoma.

Importantly, there is definitely no lack of talent at Oklahoma.  Although this may be true until there is a culture change the Sooners will have to be content with Big 12 championships.  If the Sooners aspire to national championships or being competitive in the SEC the culture must change in Norman.

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