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LSU Defense Must Make Changes

LSU Defense

The LSU defense has a few issues to work out. Dave Aranda’s unit has looked sluggish at times through the past few games. As the Tigers head into SEC play, it’s worth noting that this defense has changes to make in order to play at the elite level they’re used to. Yes, LSU allowed 38 points to Texas. But, it was Texas. Everyone knew the Longhorns could put up points. However, when LSU allows Northwestern State to pass all over the field in the first half of that game, questions arise. Is this defense really still elite? The first half of that game definitely did not show that. The Tigers did shut out the Demons in the second half of the 65-14 win. Yet again, the defense was drained going into the match-up. Is there cause for concern after giving up 38 points last weekend to Vanderbilt? Also, what about the injuries? These questions still linger for Aranda and his defense. Something has to change, and quickly.

LSU Defense Must Make Changes

Aranda and his unit have a chance this weekend to make things right. This week is the perfect time to fix it. With the Utah State Aggies heading to Baton Rouge, this LSU defense should be able to make stops and hold the Aggies to a minimum in yardage. One aspect that has hurt this unit has been yards given up. If they can keep Utah State under 200 total yards of offense, the defense could be back to its normal state. Giving up all the yardage and open plays isn’t typical Tigers defensive football. Usually, LSU has a loaded and elite defense. Not to say that isn’t the case this season. However, the unit has dealt with injuries among other things.

The Injury Effect

The injuries to K’Lavon Chaisson and Rashard Lawrence put a dent in the defense against Vanderbilt. The Tigers gave up 374 yards and 38 points to a mediocre Commodores team. In Ed Orgeron’s mind, that has to be unacceptable. His Tigers team can still be a contender. But, the defense has to step up. This electrifying offense cannot do win games alone. They need this defense to stay in sync and execute. Get off the field on third down. The Tigers cannot allow the opposition to continue driving down the field.

Aranda is one of the highest-paid coordinators in the country. Having a stout unit that can balance out with the offense has been in the works since he’s been in Baton Rouge. Finally, LSU just might have that. If they can fix the miscues and come together as a defense, the unit can still be great. Although, the injuries that have been suffered have taken a toll in the past three games. Along with injuries, the internal decisions to sit out or “suspend” players has given the young guys opportunities. Michael Divinity sat out against Northwestern State. That was Orgeron’s decision. These internal decisions to sit players are allowing the young core players to get reps in games. However, the main guys aren’t out there at times. 

 Tough Slate Ahead

It seems as if this LSU defense has to make changes quickly. With a tough SEC slate coming up, something has to give. Instill a new scheme. Rotate some of the players around to different positions. Aranda has to come up with key different decisions to get the unit back to where they’re used to being. That is an elite defense the Tigers have. There’s no doubt that LSU can continue on this great trek as an unbeaten team. But, defense is always key. That will come into play as the Tigers get into SEC play in two weeks. 


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