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Grant Delpit Should Be LSU’s Defensive Player of the Year

Grant Delpit

Grant Delpit has become one of LSU’s top defensive players in 2018. The sophomore has put up solid statistics so far this season. With 54 tackles and five interceptions, Delpit has played lights out coverage against opposing teams through eight games for the Tigers. Only being a sophomore, Delpit has a bright career ahead of him as well. Playing on such a talented defense, he has become one of college football’s best defensive players. 

Grant Delpit Should Be LSU’s Defensive Player of the Year

Along with Devin White, Michael Divinity, and others, Delpit has turned this Tigers defense into a force to reckon with this season. Heading into a highly-anticipated matchup with Alabama next Saturday, Delpit and the rest of the Tigers’ defense know what’s at stake. The case can be made that Delpit is LSU’s defensive player of the year through the first eight games. The amount of energy that he plays with and his ability to intercept the ball and stay with receivers the entire route is something Dave Aranda has praised him for. In 2017, Delpit broke onto the scene with his playing style. 

Leading The Charge

Devin White led the Tigers’ defense last season, and in 2018, it’s been Delpit that has taken charge and become the leader on that side of the ball for LSU. He has quickly became a fan favorite, and should be the Tigers’ player of the year on the defensive side, and here’s why. Already with five interceptions on the season, Delpit is chasing glory in Baton Rouge. He plays with such a high level of energy that LSU really needed on the defense this season.

Last season’s defense was stout, but this 2018 defense has played solid through every single game. Delpit has made a strong impact in every game in any way he can. Despite the loss to Florida, the Tigers’ defensive unit still has played strong and hasn’t given up yet. Neither has Delpit, who could be a first round draft pick when he leaves for the NFL. Tiger fans get Delpit through at least 2019, so watching him continue to play at this level is something Tigers fans can rejoice about. 

Turnover King

The sophomore has become a staple to this Tigers team this season. Getting the offense the ball back is something that Delpit and this Tigers defense has done extremely well this season. The amount of turnovers that Delpit and the defense have forced is outstanding. He should be a nominee for numerous post-season College Football awards, given that he is one of the top defensive players in the country in 2018. 

Staying True to Himself

Grant Delpit typically stays to himself on the sidelines during games. He doesn’t sit on the bench with the rest of the defense. He’ll listen to the coaches after a possession, and then go on his own until the defense has to go back out. He stays to his own, and has his own mentality. That mentality that he has keeps him in the right vibe and shows on the field. Everyone around the LSU Football program knows what Delpit is capable of on defense. His football mentality is tremendous, and the energy he plays with is something that screams defensive player of the year. 


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