LSU Quarterbacks Play Hangs In Balance of Play-Calling

LSU Quarterbacks

LSU Quarterbacks Play Hangs In Balance of Play-Calling

LSU quarterbacks are prepared for a monstrous season. The LSU offense for 2018 is unpredictable as of now. Heading into spring ball, there are many unanswered questions on the productive side of the ball for the Bayou Bengals. But one thing is for sure. The offensive efficiency hangs in the balance of the play-calling. Newly-promoted offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger is now leading the charge. Going into year two of the Ed Orgeron campaign, things are looking shaky. The LSU faithful are hoping for another successful season. That all lingers on the offense and whether they can produce enough to win games.

With new faces at many positions, there is a lot of uncertainty going into 2018. Myles Brennan will be taking snaps with the first team through spring practice. Ensminger stated last week that hew wants to get every player quality reps. Those quality reps bring forth opportunity. The demeanor of the offense has to change in order to have success. That all falls back on Ensminger being the play-caller.

Myles Brennan Breakdown

The 2018 LSU quarterbacks will likely be led by Myles Brennan. If Ensminger uses all three quarterbacks (Brennan, Justin McMillian, and Lowell Narcisse) in pivotal roles, LSU could see a successful campaign. There is one burning question for the quarterbacks. How will each player be utilized? Here’s a breakdown of how a three-quarterback system could work for the Tigers. Brennan is a pocket-passer. He doesn’t have the running capabilities of Narcisse or McMillian. Both of those players can scramble from the pocket if under pressure. But Myles does have a cannon of an arm. Although the fan base has yet to see his full potential, Brennan is ready for the challenge. If the coveted sophomore can showcase his skills at the highest level, the Tigers should be just fine. Ensminger will likely use his starter in a pass-first style of offense. After all, the Tigers will most likely be airing it out a lot over the next few seasons.

Lowell Narcisse Options

Narcisse has the rushing capability that Brennan has yet to prove. Though he has yet to be showcased, Narcisse could be used in a red-zone scheme to get the Tigers in the endzone. Ensminger should instill a run-pass-option scheme for Narcisse to catch opponents off guard. The utilization of Narcisse in the red-zone could increase the Tigers’ red zone efficiency, as it was very low last season. That is one area the Tigers need to improve on next season.

Justin McMillian Seeing The Field?

For a player that has stuck with the team, and even being on the bench, McMillian has a high ceiling. The LSU offense could be a miraculous unit with him instilled in the play-calls. The junior has hardly seen the field for the Tigers. Like Narcisse, McMillian has run capability. A lot of it at that. Orgeron and company need to allow the junior to see some playing time in 2018, before he decides to transfer out. The run-pass-option red-zone scheme could work with McMillian as well. Yet again, it all lingers on Ensminger and his play-calls.

Final Thoughts

For the LSU offense to have success in 2018, a two or three-quarterback system will need to be utilized at a high level. Brennan can’t do it by himself. The same goes for Narcisse and McMillian. No one knows who the starter will be yet. It will likely be Brennan, but things change through fall camp. As we approach the 2018 spring practices, LSU has a ton to think about, especially on offense. LSU quarterbacks will be the talk of the team for years to come.


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