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ATP Madrid Best Bets Including Kokkinakis vs Thiem

Thanasi Kokkinakis Australian Open

ATP Madrid qualifications

Bagnis – Zeppieri: 23.04.2024 12:30 CEST
H2H: 1-0

Facundo Bagnis has won three of his last five matches. Today, Bagnis won in the first qualification round of ATP Madrid against Goffin in three sets as we predicted. He played almost all of his matches on the clay courts. Last month at the Santiago challenge, Bagnis reached the final where he lost against Varillas in straight sets. Earlier this year, Bagnis also played in the ATP Córdoba final. He lost there against Darderi, also in straight sets. At the beginning of the year, Bagnis won his first challenger title of this season in Buenos Aires. He is a great clay court player, and we believe that he will start winning again.

Giulio Zeppieri has lost three of his last five matches. He has had some fitness problems lately and did not play any matches in March. After he came from an injury, Zeppieri won and lost 2 matches each. Today, Zeppieri won against Marterer in two tight sets. He lost his serve only once. Other than that, Zeppieri played a solid match today. At the beginning of this season, Zeppieri had a solid Australian Open. After that, he has not had any remarkable results this season thus far.

Best Bet to Make

According to the bookies, Bagnis is a slight underdog in this matchup. However, we believe that he is currently in better form than Zeppieri. That being said, we will back up Bagnis once again.

That being said, Bagnis winning is a value bet.

Value bet/ the best odds: Bagnis winning @2.10 @bet365

Kokkinakis – Thiem: 23.04.2024 15:00 CEST
H2H: first meeting

Thanasi Kokkinakis won last week the challenger title in Sarasota on the clay. As we mentioned in our previous articles, American clay courts are way faster than European ones. After that, Kokkinakis flew all the way from the States to Bucharest. He lost there against Barrere in straight sets as we predicted. Today, Kokkinakis played once again against Barrere. This time, Kokkinakis won in straight sets easily. He played great tennis, and looked way better than in Bucharest.

Dominic Thiem has lost three of his last five matches. He is far away from his best days. He even said that he stopped comparing himself to his old self. The former US Open champion is outside of the top 100. There were some terrible losses this season against lower-ranked players. However, Thiem won today against Meligeni Alves in three tough sets. Before that match, he played last week in Munich, where he lost in the first round against the qualifier, Moro Canas.

Best Bet to Make

After watching both players in their first qualification rounds, we believe that Kokkinakis showed better tennis. Even though he is not a good clay court player, we believe that his level at the moment is still enough to win against Thiem. Dominic Thiem did win tonight, but he did not play well.

That being said, Kokkinakis winning the match is a value bet.

Value bet/ the best odds: Kokkinakis winning @-215 @FanDuel

Main Photo Credit: Mike Frey-USA TODAY Sports


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