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ATP Rio de Janeiro 500 and ATP Los Cabos 250 1/8-Finals

ATP Rio de Janeiro 500 1/8-Finals

Cerundolo – Ramos-Vinolas: 21.02.2024 Time TBA
H2H: 1-0

As we already predicted, Cerundolo won his first round, and he really stepped up his game. He loves to play at home and if he can keep this level and stay even more consistent, he might win the whole tournament. His opponent, Ramos-Vinolas, is a tennis veteran who is a clay court legend! He managed to win in the first round after battling it out with Varillas in a match full of many breaks and comebacks. After playing for almost three hours, he looked out of breath. I mean he is 36 years old, you can not expect him to be the fittest guy in the tournament. If Cerundolo can reduce his unforced errors, and let Ramos-Vinolas run and fight for every point, we believe that this match will be finished pretty fast. With all being said, Cerundolo winning is a value bet, and we believe that he will win here easily!

Value bet/ the best odds: Cerundolo to win @1.50 @bet365

Munar – Seyboth Wild: 21.02.2024 Time TBA
H2H: 3-0

Every time these guys played, the Seyboth Wild did not have an answer for Munars game. As we already predicted, Munar won his first round easily, and he showed us again how good he is on clay. He has lost only four games in the first round against Ofner, where he lost his serve only once! His returns were perfect, and he dominated from the first point until the end. His opponent, Seyboth Wild, is slowly trying to return to his form. He had injury problems last year and since then he has not managed to find his A-game. He has lost 11 out of his last 13 matches and those two matches that he won were also in three sets where he had to dig deep to win. Playing against such a player as Munar is at the moment will be a huge challenge for him. We believe that Munar is in better form at the moment and that he will win here easily and possibly even in straight sets yet again!

Value bet/ the best odds: Munar to win @1.73 @bet365

ATP Los Cabos 250 1/8-Finals

Kokkinakis – Evans: 21.02.2024 Time TBA
H2H: 2-1

Kokkinakis won his first round against Draper, where they battled it out for three hours. He looked really exhausted at the end of the match. He played really well, but he does not have much time to rest, and his opponent will give him hell in the second round. With all his fitness problems, it is hard to expect him to be fully fit by the time he plays again. Dan Evans had an incredible match in the first round where he won easily against Safiullin. His court coverage and how he uses court geometry is just so beautiful to watch. He was in terrible form before his first round match, but we believe that he gained his self-confidence back. All things being considered, we believe that Kokkinakis will not keep up physically with Evans, and we know how Evans is good tactically attic, so this one will be a big mismatch for Kokkinakis.
Evans has to play his tennis and if he does that, he will win easily in this matchup!

Value bet/ the best odds: Evans to win @1.80 @bet365


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