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ATP Rotterdam Final Prediction: Jannik Sinner vs Alex de Minaur

Jannik Sinner Australian Open

The first ATP 500 of the year is here and we have reached the final in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Recently-minted Grand Slam champion Jannik Sinner is the #1 seed and looking to make good on his first week as a top player against Alex de Minaur. Can he beat the Aussie? Or does de Minaur have the upset in him? Who do you think will win?

ATP Rotterdam Final Prediction

Jannik Sinner vs Alex de Minaur

Sinner is just a brutal player to face. It took him a few years to find his top consistency, but now that he has it will be difficult for anyone to stick with him. The Italian has a seemingly-unlimited well of power to draw from, and his defense can be unnerving at times. Perhaps his game is not quite the same as Novak Djokovic’s from the early 2010s, but it’s the closest analogy we have to it. Does Alex de Minaur have anything to take his game down with?

Quite honestly, the answer is no. This match will rest on Jannik Sinner’s racket. Even a year ago, perhaps de Minaur could be frisky enough around the court to throw Sinner off his game. Given what we just saw in Melbourne a few weeks ago, I don’t think we can expect that again anytime in the near future. It will take an elite player to take out Jannik Sinner now. The Australian is good, but he’s not elite.

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