How to tackle an ultra aggressive tennis player

How to tackle an ultra aggressive tennis player

It can be difficult to work out how to tackle an ultra aggressive tennis player. Too often it feels like the match is on their racquet. Because of the nature of their game, they tend to hit a lot of winners, but also make a ton of errors, making it hard to get into a rhythm, not to mention the fact that you are left mostly on the defence. But as with every opponent, there is a way to beat a player with big weapons.

  1. Be dogged and make them play that extra ball. It is in an ultra aggressive player’s blood to try and finish a point as quickly as possible so if you can extend the rally, there is a good chance your opponent will get impatient and be forced into going for a shot that isn’t there. Even if your opponent has hit a winner, the fact that you have tried to run down that shot and not just let it fly past will be on the other player’s mind next time they are attacking.
  2. Vary your shots. It is hard to attack when you can’t get into a rhythm. By throwing in a slice backhand or loopy topspin groundstroke every now and again, you keep your opponent guessing and can catch them off guard.
  3. Get on the offence when the opportunity arises. They say attack is the best form of defence. Often when you’re playing an ultra aggressive player, you don’t get many chances to be in control. But players with this kind style tend to not enjoy playing defence, so if you can get them running or stretching there is a good chance you can win the point.
  4. Play deep and down the middle. It is hard to attack and create an angle when your opponent is hitting shots deep and through the middle of the court because you have only half the court to aim into. Once you gain ascendency in the rally, you can attack and open up the angles in the court.
  5. Pay extra attention on serves and returns. While difficult, it is very important that you make these shots as you don’t want to be giving too many free points to the other player. You want to make it as difficult as possible for your opponent to win the point. By getting plenty of first serves in and making lots of returns, you put pressure on the other player, giving them no time to relax.

And my final word is this. Don’t be intimidated by an ultra aggressive player. You have the game, the will and now the tactics to take them on.

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