Podcast #10: The Most Over-Appreciated Tennis Players Of All Time

Tennis Trivia

After a short hiatus the Last Word on Tennis podcast returns with a really interesting topic. We brought together four of the wisest minds on the Last Word on Tennis staff to talk us through four players who are, in their opinion, over-appreciated.

LWOT Podcast #10

The Criteria

Well, really our experts had carte blanc, but in general, we were looking for players whose profile perhaps outweighed their achievements. There are some outstanding tennis players in this list and their wins are not denigrated in any way. It was just felt that their reputation and standing within the game wasn’t necessarily warranted. Again, there’s nothing wrong with these players and their accomplishments speak for themselves. What they say, though, isn’t quite the same as what fans so often say about them.

The Quiz

We managed to find time for a quiz, as always. For this one, you may want to brush up on your Russian knowledge.

To listen in you simply need to click on the link below, or if you prefer Spotify then feel free to follow the link. As always, we hope you enjoy and share our podcast. You should also make sure to check out the older episodes of our podcast if you enjoy.