Podcast #9: The Ultimate Laver Cup Teams

Laver Cup Djokovic Federer Nadal

If you had the whole of tennis history to choose from who would be the best six Europeans to put in a Laver Cup team? Then ask yourself who would be the best six from outside Europe? Put those teams together on an indoor hard for three days and who would come out on top? This was the task set for our expert panel of four great tennis minds.

Should Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal all be on the same team for the Laver Cup?

So far in the short history of the Laver Cup the three top players of recent times (all time?) haven’t played in the same event. Djokovic has enjoyed zero success and Nadal very moderate success in the competition. Is there an argument for leaving either of them out?

Is there sufficient strength in depth in the Rest of the World team to challenge Europe?

In real-life Laver Cup Europe have dominated. They have the big three but also in the last event even their lowest ranked player was higher than the World’s best.

Does stretching the selection criteria out over history help solve the issue for the World team? Will Rod Laver get to play in a tournament named after him?

The Quiz

Despite having four guests debating there is still time for a quiz based upon the Laver Cup. Will you get a clean sweep of answers?

Listen to the debate and see if you agree with the final teams by clicking on the play button below, or listen on Spotify.

We would love to see your teams too. Please put your Ultimate Laver Cup teams in the comments section below!

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