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Why Tennis Betting is So Popular

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Gambling on tennis has seen one of the most significant increases in the past few years. Thanks to online gambling and in-play betting, more than billions of dollars are bet on tennis each year, with only football generating more money. Due to the high volume of events each year, more people are turning to tennis to place bets. Increasingly, they are turning to some of the best sportsbooks of 2019 to bet on every aspect of the tennis matches.

According to Coral spokesman, Simon Clare, “It has surged through in the last decade to become the second biggest sport bet on behind football. There are a lot of events played around the world each year and it is perfect for bet in-play. Better than cricket or golf.”

What makes tennis so exciting compared to other sports is that with only two players involved, there are more opportunities left to chance, especially if one player is having an off day and doesn’t perform as well as usual.

However, this has not stopped the bets from pouring in. People don’t even have to be watching a live video stream of the match; they just need to see a feed of all the individual points as it happens. This ability to bet without having to watch the match itself is incredibly attractive to people. Why? The answer is in the details.

The Role Of Dopamine In Betting

A study published in the 2013 edition of Science Daily found that betting experience or knowledge of the game did not give bettors a particular advantage. Sports gamblers, on the other hand, often think they have an advantage because of their knowledge. However, this is not what draws people in at first. The reason why people continue to bet is not because of an understanding of the game, but because of the release of a neurotransmitter called dopamine.

Dopamine is essentially the brain’s reward system because it is released whenever we do something that makes us feel good – like win £5 on a tennis bet. Placing the bet, anticipating that win helps to stimulate the brain, and the dopamine causes us to want to repeat that activity over and over again.

The reason why gambling is so much fun to us is the unpredictability of it all. Tennis, in particular, is a game of uncertainty. It all depends on just one player to make those plays, and it is easy for the luck to change.

Betting In Tennis

Tennis is so popular to bet on because of the sheer number of things you can bet on. Unlike most other sports, where you can only bet on a winner, against a point spread, or on prop bets, tennis allows for far more betting on the events in the match itself.

European sportsbooks allow people to bet on not just the overall winner of the match, but also sets, games, and even individual points. Here is a layout on what exactly you can bet on in tennis.

Match Bets

The most straightforward tennis bet is betting on who will win the match. For the most part, you are choosing between two players, unless it is a doubles match and then you are picking between two teams. With tennis matches, there is often a clear favorite, and bettors can often find odds of 1/8 or lower on top players in the opening rounds of a big tournament. Of course, you can choose to back a player like Serena Williams on those odds, but you would have to bet £100 just to make £12.50. If your player were to lose, you might be out quite a bit of money!

People generally don’t bet on matches, just because it is doesn’t pay out as well as some of the other forms of betting. While you might still get a dopamine rush betting on the match, different types of tennis betting keep people coming back for more.

Handicap Bets

Handicap betting is prevalent in nearly every spot, with tennis being no exception. When there is an unequal match-up, handicap betting allows for the playing field to become more even.

The handicap is decided by the number of games added onto the player’s score, with the same number of games subtracted from the opponent’s score. That means that even if you bet on a player who ends up winning the match, you might not win the handicap bet.

Handicap betting is extremely popular because it adds an extra element to the game. It is not just about who wins or loses, but about how much they win by.

Correct Score Bets

There are tons of other options for betting on tennis, including betting on the score of the match or the number of sets that each player wins. You might be able to get better odds on this type of bet because you will have to guess the number correctly, and not just the general winner of the match. This is far more challenging to predict than the winner, so that means you will be able to get higher returns if you correctly guess.

Tennis has become so popular for in-play betting because there are tons of markets available that allow for bettors to wager on a variety of different elements. Bettors can choose between point-by-point and game-by-game betting, and with these options, there are endless possibilities for bettors.. Because of the every changing odds, tennis can be incredibly exciting and stimulating for bettors to watch and anticipate their big wins.


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