Australian Open Women’s Final Predictions: Petra Kvitova vs Naomi Osaka

We are finally here. The Australian Open women’s draw will conclude on Saturday night, and we should be in for a great match. Two of the hardest-hitting women on tour will battle it out for the trophy. Will the winner be 2018 US Open champion Naomi Osaka? Will it be 2011 and 2014 Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova? Our writers are here to give their thoughts on what will happen. Predicting this match are myself (Yesh Ginsburg), Isaac Farnworth, Lukas Weese, Eric Han, Jack Rossiter-Munley, and Brandon Wall.

Australian Open Women’s Final Predictions

Naomi Osaka vs Petra Kvitova

This is a match between two ladies who are coming in on hot streaks. Kvitova has an 11-match streak overall, while Osaka has a 13-match Grand Slam winning streak. It will be competitive but I like Osaka to win her second consecutive Grand Slam, earning the No. 1 ranking.
Prediction: Osaka in 3

Two of the biggest hitters in the women’s game slugging it out from the baseline. This will be quite a match to watch. Osaka’s on a 13-match streak in Slams and I don’t think Kvitova is the one to stop her.
Prediction: Osaka in 3

This might be one of the highest-level Slam finals we’ve seen in years. Both of these players are on top of their games. They can both hit the ball cleanly and efficiently with brutal force. Their flat strokes mean we may some intense rallies that leave us wondering how these women manage to even get them back. I’m honestly hoping the roof is closed for this match, because it will just make for better tennis. After seeing what Kvitova just did to Danielle Collins, though, it’s very hard to pick against her.
Prediction: Kvitova in 3

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Both players are playing extremely well and are in good form. I do think that Kvitova should win this match as I think she has more weapons than Osaka, but it will depend on the temperature of the day, as Kvitova seems to struggle in the heat. However, do bear in mind that the final will be played in a cooled evening. If Osaka does win, it will be an extraordinary achievement of winning back-to-back Grand Slam titles.
Prediction: Kvitova in 3

Osaka has a chance to win back-to-back ajors, a feat very few can say they have achieved. Osaka has looked very strong throughout, showing the same form that won her the US Open, but the resilient Kvitova will be her toughest test yet. Kvitova is still bouncing back from the infamous stabbing incident which kept her off tour for quite some time. Kvitova is full of fight and will not go down easy.
Prediction: Osaka in 3

Naomi Osaka looks unstoppable. It isn’t just the fact that she is in her second consecutive Grand Slam final, but also the way she has won against a variety of opponents. Her semifinal against Karolina Pliskova was a perfect illustration of her mental fortitude. Pliskova fired every shot in her exceptional arsenal at Osaka, who withstood the storm and triumphed. Kvitova also hits hard, aggressive groundstrokes. Her greatest weapon against Osaka, however, will be her swinging serve out wide. Osaka has shown she can rally with even the hardest hitting women on tour. If she can also neutralize the lefty serve, the match will be hers.
Prediction: Osaka in 2

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