Fognini Receives $96,000 Fine And Is Given Suspended Ban From Two Grand Slams For Major Offense in US Open

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Italian Fabio Fognini has been hit with a huge fine of 96,000 $ and has received a suspended ban from two Grand Slam tournaments, including at least one US Open.

After a month, the Grand Slam Board has finally decided the punishment for Fabio Fognini, who committed “Major Offense” in his US Open first round match against Stefano Travaglia, insulting swedish female chair umpire Louise Engzell. The 30-year-old has been given a sort of “last possibility”, as a matter of fact his punishment consists in a suspended ban from two Grand Slams – which must include a US Open, in case of further word abuses.

Up to now, Fognini had received a 24,000 $ when he was still playing in New York, before his disqualification. Now a 96,000$ fine has been added to the punishment, but it can be reduced to 48,000$ if no further Major Offense occurs through the Grand Slams the Italian will play until the end of 2019.

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As we can read on the official statement of the ITF, Fognini will not appeal this decision, since he knows his wrong conduct and, as already declared to Sky Sport Italy right aftet the US Open,  that he would accept every punishment decided by the Grand Slam Board.

The world #28 also said he would take responsibly to his mistake, and considers himself confident he won’t make another similar error.

Fognini looked very confident on court too. After a little break post Flushing Meadows, he appeared in St.Petersburg, where he reached the final confirming last year’s result. Controlling his temper is the next great challenge ahead of him, it will be important not to have other things in mind once he’s on court, and now that this tough decision has been taken, he will surely be calmer.