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CanWNT’s Jessie Fleming Stood Out in Game Against Brazil

Canwnt Celebrates Vanessa Gilles Goal, Which Was Assisted by Jessie Fleming

ANALYSIS – The CanWNT’s Jessie Fleming stepped up and Canada did well in penalties at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. As a result, they will advance in the SheBelieves Cup as they will play in the final of the competition to face the USWNT.

CanWNT’s Jessie Fleming and Penalties Stood Out in Win

Jessie Fleming Stepped Up When It Was Needed

Jessie Fleming did not have the greatest game. However, she still made some big defensive plays, and played a big role in the game going into penalties. These plays include:

  • Coming in the last minute to prevent Brazil from getting a clear-cut scoring opportunity.
  • Assisted in Vanessa Gilles’ game-tying goal.

Fleming, who came up big for Canada in the Olympics, played a critical role in the result of the game. Even though she did not take a penalty kick, Fleming was a big reason why Canada got to penalties in the first place.

Canada’s Penalties Were Well-Taken

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The penalties taken by the national team for the most part was well-taken. For the most part, the players were able to make the Brazilian goalkeeper go the opposite direction and aimed the shots in the far-corner.

In addition, a Marta shot stopped by CanWNT goalkeeper, Kailen Sheridan, and a missed Brazilian penalty-kick meant that Canada defeated Brazil in the 2024 SheBelieves Cup.

Brazil Was The Better Team, But Unable to Convert Scoring Chances

Brazil had many scoring opportunities throughout the game. However, they were unable to punish Canada as a one-goal lead is always a dangerous lead to hold onto.

Some chances Brazil had included:

  • Vitória Yaya’s shot just missed the target and could have easily been a goal.
  • In a dangerous scoring opportunity, Brazil’s Gabi Portilho lost her footing and was unable to punish Canada.

A big reason for Brazil’s success was their ability to win the midfield battle and for most of the match, was able to earn sustained possession near Canada’s box. This played a big role in Brazil earning the penalty and taking the early lead in the match as Tarciane scored the early goal.

Other Factors

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The formation, the CanWNT played did not work out for the most part. They gave up too much possession and Canada was not closing out on Brazilians. As a result, the Canadians were forced to defend for most of the game.

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Saying that, it was great to see Janine Beckie get a few scoring opportunities early after a lengthy injury absence. Also, Julia Grosso, early in the match, was able to create a few scoring chances early for Canada and is something to note for future games. Grosso also scored the game-winner in penalties, which is the second one, after her iconic game-winning penalty in Tokyo 2020 against Sweden. Also, although this game was not of Canada’s best, head coach, Beverly Priestman liked the fight of the team (Source: The Canadian Press of TSN):

“It wasn’t the perfect game but I’m really happy with the mindset of the group to pull through and do whatever it takes win,” she said.

Priestman would also say this (Source: CANWNT’s X Account):

“I think the best teams find a way to get the job done. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t our best game, but I think they made it difficult for us.”

This win also means Canada’s favourable record against Brazil. When including the CanWNT eliminating Brazil from the 2020 Summer Olympic, they have won four of the five games, including two in penalty shoot-outs.

It was also interesting that Brazil brought in goalkeeper, Lorena, to substitute Tai Borges in second half stoppage time. Bringing in a goalkeeper just for penalties is a risky move as the goalkeeper had not seen any action. It was also a move that did not pay off for the Brazilians.

Final Game of the SheBelieves Cup for Both Teams

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The Brazilians will now have to fight for third place as they face Japan, who lost to the USWNT 2-1 in the other semi-final match. This is while Canada will battle with the USWNT for silverware. Both games will take place on April 9, 2024, and both will be played at Field in Columbus, Ohio. The Japan-Brazil game will be at 4:00pm ET while the USWNT-CanWNT will happen at 7:00pm ET.

This win also marks the first time Canada finished higher than third in the SheBelieves Cup as they finished third in the 2021 SheBelieves Cup. Fans can watch Canada’s game live on OneSoccer, Telus, and FuboTV Inc.


Photo Credit: The Canada Soccer X EN Account and the Canada Soccer X FR Account on April 6, 2024.


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