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Analysis: Evelyne Viens Makes Her Name for the CanWNT

Team Canada Celebrates Evelyne Viens Game-Winning Goal

The CanWNT, by the skin of their teeth, advanced to the Concacaf W Gold Cup. The Costa Ricans defended resolutely, however a fantastic save by Kailen Sheridan and a game-winning goal by Evelyne Viens is the reason why Canada is going to the semi-finals stage of the competition.

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Evelyne Viens Scored Game-Winner

The CanWNT had the majority scoring chances and opportunities. Some of them include:

  • Adriana Leon delivered a cross to Vanessa Gilles, which was off-target.
  • Leon’s corner hit the post in the 37-minute.
  • Viens crossed the ball to Leon in the 86-minute as Leon did not get a good touch on the ball.
  • Vanessa Gilles’ header was off-target in the 90+1-minute of play.

Canada had 39 shots, but only had ten shots on target. Jordyn Huitema had some really big chances to score but was not able to make the most of it. This was a theme for Canada as Jessie Fleming and Leon had some really good chances as well.

This is what CanWNT head coach, Beverly Priestman, said about the game on Saturday against Costa Rica (source: CANWNT’s X Account):

“Ya, I mean it was a frustrating match, I do not know how many shots we had and it just felt like it would not go in today.”

Viens though was able to break that trend. A fantastic cross from the CanWNT captain, Jessie Fleming, and a header from Viens gave Canada the lead. She had another chance a few minutes afterwards that was spectacularly stopped by the Costa Rican goalkeeper, Daniela Solera.

Viens made her name in this game and is a big reason why they advanced in the Concacaf W Gold Cup. This is what Priestman said about the win and on Viens (source: CANWNT’s X Account):

“I’m really proud of the group, I think they pushed right till the very end, and in some ways we needed that, you know these are the moments that make teams get ready for what’s coming up.” Priestman said. “Ya absolutely, what I knew about Eve is between the goal, she is often there, and in the big moment she can deliver in that and just felt like we needed something between the posts to get on the end of something.”

There is some truth to what Priestman might be saying. It is important to note that Canada still advanced to the semi-finals stage and have kept a clean sheet for seven straight games dating back to last year, which is not an easy thing to do.

Kailen Sheridan Made A Fantastic Save

In this particular sequence, Emilie Valenciano passed it to Priscilla Chinchilla, who did a really good job of finding Gabriela Guillén, who immediately passed it to Alexa Herrera, whose shot was stopped by the CanWNT goalkeeper, Kailen Sheridan.

Sheridan was a big reason why Canada won the game. Without her, Viens would not be able to maker her name. Yes, it was only one save, but it was a very big one. She had to stretch her body and as a result, made a spectacular save.

Costa Rica Had A Few Chances Late In The Game

Costa Rica only had one shot on goal, but that does not mean they did not have other scoring opportunities. This was especially true when La Sele Femenina was losing 1-0.

A free kick was done by Costa Rica’s Chinchilla who delivered a cross, and Canada was just barely able to clear it. Chinchilla found Valeria Del Campo, who put the ball high and wide past Sheridan. The Costa Ricans also had some great scoring chances early on, but were unable to convert those scoring opportunities. Their strategy was to defend and then counter-attack when the Canadian defence was off-guard.

Other Factors

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It was not as easy as the last CanWNT-Costa Rica game as La Sele Femenina’s defence and goalkeepers deserves credit. While they were not able to get the win, they played valiantly in this game and played a role in Canada remaining scoreless until extra time.

There were always lots of players surrounding Adriana Leon when she get close to the box. It was not always perfect, but it worked very well in this game.

  • Guillén cleared the ball and made some great defensive plays for Costa Rica.
  • Emily Flores made a goal-saving play and stopped a CanWNT shot from going into the goal.

Solera played really well for La Sele Femenina. She made ten saves, with the most noticeable one coming from Viens in extra-time. She and her defence were a big reason why Costa Rica stayed close in this game.

Priestman gave credit to Costa Rica and also to her team for getting through this difficult game (source: CANWNT X Account):

“All credit to Costa Rica, they did all they could to make it difficult for us.”

Game Coming Up for the CanWNT

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The tournament continues for the CanWNT. They will now get ready for Wednesday’s game at SnapDragon Stadium in San Diego, California, where they will either face their fierce rivals, the USWNT, or Colombia at 7:00 PM ET on Wednesday. That game will be shown live on OneSoccer as well as Telus and FuboTV Inc.

The USWNT and Colombia are in fact playing today at 8:15 PM ET at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, California. In the other game yesterday, Brazil beat Argentina 5-1. Then, earlier today, Mexico defeated Paraguay by a scoreline of 3-2. Brazil will face Mexico at SnapDragon Stadium at 10:15 PM ET on Wednesday. Both games mentioned in this paragraph will be shown live on OneSoccer.


Photo Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports, of a CanWNT Headshot and a Costa Rica Team Headshot, on March 2, 2024.


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