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Club America Makes History Going Public on the Stock Market

Estadio Azteca, Home of Club America, Who Has Now Entered the Stock Market

In an unprecedented move that marks a historic milestone for Mexican football, Club America is set to enter into the Mexican Stock Market. Once under the Televisa umbrella, America will now be under new ownership. Ollamani will be the company that will have ownership of the club. A newly formed entity resulting from a strategic spin-off by Grupo Televisa. This venture symbolizes a significant shift in the financial landscape of sports teams in Mexico. It also paves the way for fans and investors alike to directly participate in the financial future of one of the country’s most popular soccer club. As Club America prepares for its debut on the stock market this Tuesday, February 20, stakeholders are keenly watching. They’re anticipating the impact this will have on the club’s operations, fan engagement, and overall growth strategy in the competitive world of football.

Club America Makes History Going Public on the Stock Market

Grupo Televisa Separation and Ollamani Emergence

In order to understand the implications of Club America going public on the stock market, we need to first understand the why and how of it all. Back in late 2022 Grupo Televisa announced that they would be separating and subsidizing their different models of business. This meant their sports business would enter into its own branch. Televisa then later announced on February 12, 2024 the creation of spin-off company Ollamani. Detailing the process of share division for those who already had stocks in Grupo Televisa. Ollamani now would have ownership of both Club America and the Azteca Stadium instead of Televisa. After getting approval to enter the Mexican Stock Market (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores) it was announced Ollamani would list their stocks under “AGUILAS.CPOs” for the public to invest in. The new stock was given a release date of Tuesday February 20, 2023.

Financial Insight: Crunching the Numbers

In anticipation to February 20th, fans can rest assured knowing the proper backing has been made for this to happen. At the time of listing Club America’s share capital will be 376,843,302 Mexican pesos ($22,098,876.19 USD). What does this number mean? Well this financial foundation is pivotal, reflecting the club’s valuation at the time of its public debut. it gives investors and fans an idea of the clubs financial health and potential for growth.

It is still a mystery what the price of AGUILAS.CPOs stock will be. As well as if this stock will provide a dividend for investors. Yet there is one clear thing and that is there will be plenty of stocks available. Reports indicate that there is over 340 thousands stocks available come listing day.

The Implications for Club America

So what exactly does this all mean for the current Liga MX champion? As far as operations go it’s going to be business as usual. This listing will be an added stream of revenue for Club America. Yet the club will still depend on its usual avenues of revenue i.e. ticket sales, merchandise, sponsors. Now that America is part of Ollamani, S.A.B, the days of being under the specific Televisa umbrella are over. This listing also provides Club America with new investment opportunities and financial resources. Something that potentially could impact its operations, growth, and development in the sports and entertainment industry. While this may be the first iteration of a Mexican soccer team going public on the market, it’s not something that hasn’t been done in other parts of the world. Clubs like Manchester United, Juventus, and Borussia Dortmund have all gone on the stock market.

What Fans Need to Know

Apart from saving the date of February 20th fans need to understand a couple of things. For starters it’s important to note that buying AGUILAS.CPOs doesn’t mean you’re solely investing into Club America. You will also be investing in the Aztecs Stadium as both entities are under the stock umbrella. Secondly, this stock will be available only in Mexico. This means that you will need to do a bit of research on how to purchase that stock from the United States. Lastly, this is a perfect opportunity for fans to not only own a part of the club, but a chance to potentially be part of the clubs growth. As well as possibly sharing in the teams financial successes.

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Last Word

Club America’s venture into the Mexican Stock Market is a landmark moment. Symbolizing a new era of financial engagement for fans and the broader sports community. This move not only opens up novel revenue streams for the club but also empowers fans to play a more active role in the club’s future. As Club America embarks on this journey, the fusion of sports passion with financial investment heralds an exciting chapter, potentially setting a precedent for sports teams worldwide.


Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports, of an Estadio Azteca Headshot, on April 29, 2023.


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