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Analysis: Club America Comeback Victory vs Real Esteli

Estadio Ciudad de Los Deportes, Where Club America Won Against Real Esteli

After 180 minutes Las Aguilas can breathe once again. After making the comeback, America insures that their Concacaf journey will continue. Club America’s 2-0 victory over Real Esteli was the perfect Valentine’s gift to all Americanistas. As they watched their team battle it out for 90-minutes correcting their wrongs from last weeks terrible first-leg result.

The game had a mixture of positive and negative takeaways for the current Liga MX champions. Even though America punched their ticket into the next round of the Concacaf Champions Cup, it wasn’t the perfect game. Mostly everyone was expecting a more dominant result on the field and on the scoreboard. This second-leg offers a chance to breakdown key takeaways that help understand the team’s current form and challenges.

Analysis: Club America Comeback Victory vs Real Esteli

Defensive Solidarity Shines

Club America showcased an impressive defensive solidarity in their victory against Real Esteli. Maintaining a clean sheet and learning from their last match in not making any cheap mistakes.  This defensive performance, underscores the team’s tactical discipline and the effectiveness of their defensive strategies. A running theme for this backline had been keeping their opponents at zero and the defense is slowly returning to its ways. After the shutout in last weeks league game against Leon and this game in the Champions Cup, André Jardine
will be content. He will see it as a positive sign that, America can rely on its defense to secure vital results.

The Art of the Comeback

Having to play the comeback kid is no strange role for America in Concacaf. This game was no different, they had to impose their ability to overturn the first-leg deficit. A testament to Club America’s resilience and mental toughness as well as talent. The team’s approach, from the onset, was aggressive yet rushed. From the start it was all America on the ball leaving Real Esteli to chase after them. The constant pressure and attack finally paid off after opening the score sheet in the eighteenth minute. Afterwards in the second half America was able to find the back of the net again to really give themselves a comfortable lead. Jonathan Rodríguez and Alejandro Zendejas’s goals not only sealed the comeback but also showcased the team’s offensive diversity and capability to step up in critical moments.

A Persistent Concern: Offensive Underperformance

Despite the win and progression to the next round, Club America continues to struggle to surpass the two-goal mark. This raises questions about their offensive efficiency and tactics, after just being the best offence last season. In a match they dominated, America failed to convert dominance into a more substantial scoreline, which seems to be recurring theme this season. America starts somewhat strong, creates chances, but eventually miss after miss diminish the teams chemistry.  This contrasts sharply with their previous campaign’s frequent three-goal hauls, highlighting an area that demands attention. Fine-tuning their finishing and creating more clear-cut chances could be key to addressing this issue.

What’s Next For America in the Concacaf Champions Cup?

As Club America celebrates their victory, they’re next opponent will be no light task. The Round of 16 clash against arch-rivals Chivas looms large and will be the team’s biggest test this season. This match-up not only stirs excitement among fans but also presents a significant challenge for America. It’s an opportunity to showcase their strengths, address their weaknesses, and perhaps most importantly, to prove that they can overcome their scoring hurdle.

Last Word

In conclusion, Club America’s victory against Real Esteli highlights their defensive solidity and resilience. Yet the underwhelming offensive output remains a concern. The upcoming derby against Chivas in the Round of 16 of the competition will be a crucial test. It offers America a chance to demonstrate their progress, address their scoring woes, and solidify their status as contenders for the crown. The stage is set for what promises to be an exciting encounter.


Photo Credit: Wotancito on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED


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