Three Takeaways: The CanMNT Defence Helps Secure the Win

Cyle Larin Goal Celebration With Alphonso Davies as the CanMNT Defence Played Well

WILLEMSTAD, CW – The CanMNT defence played a big role in Canada winning the game at the Ergilio Hato Stadium in Willemstad. They only allowed Curaçao one shot on target, but their level of play and chemistry also played a role in them getting the vital win over Curaçao.

CanMNT Defence Played Vital Role in Win

Three Keys to the Game

CanMNT Defence Played Well

One thing the CanMNT did well on Saturday was their defence. Curaçao really did not have many scoring chances throughout the game.

  • Stephen Eustáquio blocked the ball in the 30-minute.
  • Alphonso Davies defended well in the 63-minute.

Canada looked like they were in control and Curaçao’s only real chance was Jurien Gaari’s kick early in the first half. They did a really good job in preventing Curaçao from many scoring opportunities throughout the game.

The only cause for concern might have been in the 56-minute when Juninho Bacuna was able to get past Davies and pass the ball inside the box. Unfortunately for Curaçao, the first player fumbled the shot, and the ball went to Rhu-Endly Martina, whose shot went straight to Milan Borjan.

CanMNT Chemistry And Ability to Find Players Was the Result of the Two Goals

If people watch how the two goals were scored, they were scored because the Canadian players knew where to find their players.

  • The first goal was scored when Richie Laryea saw the run of Jonathan David and had the foresight to pass him the ball, who put the ball into the back of the net.
  • In the second goal, a quick pass from David to Cyle Larin resulted in a goal.

This can even be seen in the second half, where Jonathan Osorio’s cross-pass found Charles-Andreas Brym, but was unable to put the ball into the back of the net.

The Red Card to Jurien Gaari

When Jurien Gaari got a red card in the 37-minute, people thought the game could get away from them. To Curaçao’s credit, they played well defensively and deserved credit for it. However, it still had an effect on the game. Curaçao was forced to defend a lot at home in the second half against Canada.

  • Alphonso Davies got a great pass from Eustáquio but was unable to put the ball into the back of the net as he skied it wide.
  • Davies had another great chance but was unable to get a shot off.

Canada was generating most of the scoring chances. This was a big reason why Curaçao did not score any goals since the red card was awarded. This showed up in the possession stats as Curaçao only had 37 percent of the possession.

Other Factors

The red card to Gaari was controversial. It was not so much the second yellow card, as it was deserved in the 37-minute. It was the first yellow card against Canada in the 13-minute. Both Gaari and Laryea were fighting for positioning. The referee saw this and gave them both a yellow card. This was probably not the right decision and a warning might have been sufficient enough.

The other factor, which was implied, was that Canada needs to learn to be more clinical. They were not clinical enough in the second half (this was also seen in Canada’s game against Belgium) and will need to work on it as they have a big game at BMO Field.

The other factor was Larin and David working together to create goals. This was clearly seen in Canada’s second goal as Larin did a quick pass to David for the goal.

Games Coming Up For the CanMNT

Unfortunately, for Curaçao, this is the end of the road for them in the Concacaf Nations League A. They failed to finish in the top two in the group and are relegated to the Concacaf Nations League B. They will also have to participate in the Concacaf Gold Cup qualification process.

For Canada, they qualified for the Concacaf Gold Cup. They also have a big game coming up on Tuesday against Honduras at BMO Field. The last time these two teams met up in Toronto, Honduras was able to earn the draw against Canada by a scoreline of 1-1. A draw would be enough for Canada to advance to the League A Finals Stage in Las Vegas but would look to get the win.

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The game between both teams will take place on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET. The game can be watched live on OneSoccer and Telus.


Photo Credit: Canada Soccer on March 25, 2023.


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