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Josh Heard had a memorable game in his hometown with a 6-0 win

Josh Heard had a terrific game as Pacific FC celebrates goal against Waterhouse F.C.

LANGFORD, BC – Josh Heard had a memorable game in his hometown, scoring two goals and delivering two assists. He might have been the best player in the game, but other players like Marco Bustos and Alejandro Díaz Liceága stepped up for the club.

Josh Heard with a memorable game at Starlight Stadium

Three keys to the game

First Half

Alejandro Díaz Liceága started the scoring in the 13-minute when Gianni dos Santos crossed the ball to him inside the box.

A good defensive play to prevent Pacific from getting a scoring chance took place in the 15-minute. Marco Bustos’s shot was just wide in the 22-minute. Wilson’s shot was above the woodwork. Josh Heard had his shot blocked in the 31-minute.

Bustos was denied in the 38-minute. He would not be denied in the 41-minute though. Josh Heard timed his pass with Bustos’s run perfectly, as it resulted in a header going into the back of the net. They almost scored another goal as Manny Aparacio’s shot hit the crossbar in the 45-minute.

Second Half

Aparacio’s shot was off-target and wide in the 53-minute. Waterhouse goalkeeper, Kemar Foster, got a hand to it for Waterhouse. However, if the first half was bad for Waterhouse F.C., the second half was even worse.

It started off in the 54-minute when Marco Bustos set up the play. Heard then delivered a great pass to Diaz for his second goal of the game. Pacific then scored another goal as Josh Heard added a goal to his memorable performance in the 56-minute. Bustos once again did a great job setting up the play as Kunle Dada-Luke was the one who passed the ball.

To add a second goal for Heard is something of a magical evening for the hometown player as Gianni Dos Santos passed him the ball.

With how dominant the Pacific was, it was their last goal that might have been the best goal scored in the game. Several players were involved in this goal including Marco Bustos, who made a fantastic run to set up the play. Heard once again delivered an accurate pass to Manny Aparicio, whose shot was deflected by Diaz, who scored a memorable hat-trick for Pacific FC.

Game Summary

Pacific FC was the better team as Waterhouse FC did not have any scoring opportunities. The Canadian side was impressive at home, as the defending North Star Shield champions showed their worth at Starlight Stadium. Also, many of Pacific’s early goals came from crosses, which showed Waterhouse F.C.’s inability to defend crosses.

The team had some tough stretches, including getting eliminated from the Canadian Championship at home this year against York United FC. This is what Pacific FC head coach James Merriman said about that according to the Canadian Premier League:

“We never lost our belief within ourselves, within the players. They never lost that, we still had our confidence.”

Pacific FC will now go up against Atletico Ottawa on August 13 at 5:00 pm ET. That game will be shown live on OneSoccer at Starlight Stadium. This is while Waterhouse F.C. will now have to wait until next year when the National Premier League starts next year. It also shows how well CPL is progressing for a league that started play and that can compete with MLS teams. This included Pacific FC defeating the Vancouver Whitecaps FC last year. This played a factor in the Whitecaps firing Marc Dos Santos and hiring Vanni Sartini.

Three Takeaways as Josh Heard has memorable game in his hometown:

Josh Heard and Alejandro Díaz Liceága had memorable games. Josh Heard, in front of his hometown, had two goals and two assists. This is while Alejandro Díaz Liceága scored a hat-trick against Waterhouse F.C. Also, captain Marco Bustos did a good job setting up players for Langford.

Waterhouse F.C. only had one shot on goal. Waterhouse really did not threaten Pacific’s backline. Even the shot on goal was saved easily by the Pacific FC goalkeeper, Callum Irving.

Pacific FC will now face C.D. Herediano in the Concacaf League Round of 16. Langford will now have to face defending Costa Rican champions, C.D. Herediano. The dates for the home leg will be on August 16 and the second leg on August 23.

Photo Credit: OneSoccer on August 3, 2022.



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