”We came to finish top of Concacaf” CanMNT wants to win

CanMNT wants to win: CanMNT head coach John Herdman celebrates victory on March 27, 2022
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INTERVIEW – The CanMNT wants to win as they arrived in Panama on Tuesday night ahead of their last qualifying game on Wednesday night and despite getting the job done on Sunday in Toronto the team is itching to win and finish first in the octagonal. A light walk-through on a travel day is all that happened for the team tonight.

The CanMNT wants to win in Panama City

Interview with CanMNT head coach John Herdman

” We just want to finish this one Herdman said when asked about the importance of the game and the ramifications of the result. Herdman’s goal was to finish top of the table and a win or draw against Panama will do that.

“The mission was to finish top of Concacaf, I think we have to finish this game with three points and that’s what we came here to do and there is nothing else on our minds”.

There will be a big adjustment on Wednesday night as CanMNT most recently played on a very cold day in Canada with temperatures at around -15 and Herdman was very realistic of the conditions.

“Coming here you have to respect the conditions, it’s a lot warmer and we just came from a colder climate and it’s humid and I can sense it already so it will zap the boys a bit coming and there can’t be any excuses and I have been clear with the group”.

Interview with CanMNT midfielder Liam Fraser

Liam Fraser gave his thoughts on the match tomorrow and made it clear the focus is to win and not focus on stats or potential results.

” I think it’s important to go into the group stage as high as possible and I think we are all trying to achieve that and we need to keep that winning mentality and get the win and get off on the right foot”.

Canada with a win tomorrow could see themselves as high as number 30 when the new rankings come out and Fraser gave his thoughts on that.

” It means a lot but I think we know how good we are and I think sometimes those are just stats and numbers and I think we know we can compete with some of the best and we need to keep believing that”.

Fraser also spoke about coming from a colder climate in Canada to hot and humid conditions in Panama and it doesn’t seem to affect him.

” This is Concacaf, this is what you come across and it’s cold in Canada and Central America it’s always hot so you have to be ready to adapt and play in any type of circumstance and I think we will be ready”.

The CanMNT wants to win in Panama City

The CanMNT’s game against Panama will take place at 9:05 p.m. ET in Panama City, Panama. The game takes place at Estadio Olímpico Rommel Fernández Gutiérrez in Panama City, Panama. Fans can watch the game nationally on Sportsnet and also can watch the match live on OneSoccer.

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