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The CanWNT Falls to Spain 1-0 at Molineux Stadium

Spain player Alexia Putellas celebrates after scoring in Wolverhampton, England

WOLVERHAMPTON, ENG – The CanWNT falls to Spain 1-0 thanks to a first-half goal by Alexia Putellas. As a result, Spain is at the top of the table and remains unbeaten in 19 games.

The CanWNT Falls at Molineaux Stadium in the Arnold Clark Cup

Three Keys to the Game

First Half

Ashley Lawrence made a good interception in the third minute. Janine Beckie stole the ball and Jayde Riviere then gave a good cross to Deanne Rose. However, Rose was unable to get in contact with the ball. Beckie’s free-kick shot was easily stopped. Julia Grosso made a clearance in the 15-minute. Alexia Putellas’ shot was blocked by Kadeisha Buchanan in the 16-minute.

First, Ashley Lawrence gave the ball away to Patri Guijarro. Then Spain with their terrific passing went from one side to the other. Then Spain did two quick passes. Athenea Del Castillo made an excellent pass to Leila Ouahabi. Ouahabi then passed the ball to the best player in the world, Putellas, in the centre of the box. Putellas shot the ball past a diving Keila Sheridan and scored the opening goal of the game.

Shelina Zadorsky blocked the shot in the 26-minute. Jordyn Huitema’s header was stopped by Lola Gallardo and barely remained out of the net. Buchanan made a vital shot block in the 36-minute. Zadorsky got her foot in the ball and made a good defensive play

Second Half

Rebecca Quinn made a vital interception in the 50-minute. Putella’s header in the 63-minute hit the post. Deanne Rose’s pass had too much weight in the 66-minute. Cloé Lacasse gave a good pass to Nichelle Prince in the 77-minute. Lacasse cut inside and shot the ball in the 79-minute. Canada almost scored in the 90-minute. Ashley Lawrence crossed the ball into the box as Deanne Rose and Prince tried to get a piece. However, both players could not touch the ball.

Spain troubled Canada’s backline more than either England or Germany. Their ability to get past the defenders with their incredible skill was a wonder to watch. If it was not for Canada’s strong defence, Spain could have scored more goals.

What is next for the CanWNT and Spain?

Canada had a golden opportunity to win the Arnold Clark Cup. However, with the loss to Spain, they will not claim that trophy. The next stage for the CanWNT now will most likely be the Celebration Tour games. After that, they will play in the 2022 Concacaf W Championship in July. The 2022 Concacaf W Championship will be used to determine which teams qualify for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Additionally, there is some concern for the CanWNT as Jayde Riviere had to be taken out of the game due to an injury in the 60-minute. She was replaced by Gabrielle Carle.

Also, even though Spain finished first after winning against Canada, they did not win the Arnold Clark Cup. England won the Arnold Clark Cup after beating Germany 3-1. The Lionesses won by goal differential as both England and Spain had five points each.

The Spanish will continue their World Cup qualifying on April 12, 2022, in Glasgow against Scotland. The game will take place at Hampden Park. Spain will then host Hungary on September 2 and Ukraine on September 6 to end their World Cup qualifying campaign. The Spanish have won five games in World Cup qualifying. However, Scotland is only five points behind and could scare Spain with a win against them in April.

Three Takeaways:

CanWNT continues its search for goals. Everyone knows that Canada’s defence is elite. However, what this tournament was all about was trying to find a player who can create and score goals. Janine Beckie might be that player as she scored against England and assisted on Vanessa Gilles’s goal against Germany. However, they still had trouble creating scoring chances, particularly against England and Spain. However, it is important to keep in mind that many of the CanWNT were not in season.

Professionalization has helped Spain become a top-ten nation. At the end of 2010 according to FIFA, they were ranked 19th in the world and are now ranked ninth. A big reason for Spain’s success is that they have their own professional league called the Primera División. FC Barcelona, one of the teams in the league, had recently won the UEFA Champions League. most of Spain’s today came from FC Barcelona.

Spain remains unbeaten against the CanWNT. Spain now has two wins and one draw all-time against Canada. They also extend their unbeaten run to 19 games.

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