CanMNT eliminated Suriname from World Cup qualifying

Suriname goalkeeper Warner Hahn gives up a penalty by fouling Canadian player Lucas Cavallini

CanMNT eliminated Suriname in a 4-0 win and advances to the second stage of Concacaf World Cup Qualifying. They will face Haiti, which eliminated Canada from the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup. It was a slow start for Canada, but as the game went on, Canada started to take control of the game. Conversely, Suriname played well early in the game, but did not have much possession of the ball and lost momentum later in the game.

CanMNT eliminated Suriname in a 4-0 win

Three keys to the game

CanMNT dominated possession and shots on goal

Canada had 16 shots, with 13 of those shots on target. However, they did not start the game well. Cyle Larin had the first shot on goal in the eighth minute. They would then give some chances away to Suriname before getting two shots on goal in the 17-minute. Unfortunately, for Canada, Suriname goalkeeper Warner Hahn stepped up and made two big saves. This kept the game scoreless.

However, from that point on, the momentum changed. Canada got two more shots on goal in the 21 and 31-minute from Lille OSC player Jonathan David. There was even a missed shot by Larin in the 20-minute. Then in the 37-minute, Canada was finally able to breakthrough.

David gave an excellent pass to FC Bayern Munich player Alphonso Davies. Davies finished his chance and gave Canada the one-goal lead after the end of the first half. Despite the sloppy start, Canada had six of the seven shots on goal. This momentum would carry onto the second half as they had three shots on goal before scoring their second goal of the game.

Jonathan David and Alphonso Davies were the players of the game against Suriname

This was an example of an excellent delivery by David and terrific execution by Davies. Their chemistry together was perfect today as it propels Canada to a two-goal lead. David’s shot was stopped just a minute earlier in the 58-minute.

Canada would score another goal in the 73-minute. Davies showed tremendous individual play before making a pass to David, who finished the chance off and gave Canada the commanding three-goal lead.

David would then score a penalty goal in the 78-minute, allowing Canada to secure the 4-0 win over Suriname. Credit should also be given to Canadian player Lucas Cavallini.  He drew a foul from Suriname goalkeeper Hahn inside the penalty box. This foul allowed David to score his hat-trick.

Suriname did not take advantage of their chances

Suriname had seven shots, with only one on target. Since they lost in possession and were heavily outshot, shots on goal were the only way Suriname could stay in the game against Canada. Unfortunately, for Suriname, that did not happen. They had a good start in the first half though.

Tjaroon Chery had the only shot on goal in the game for Suriname in the 11-minute. The shot on goal came from a free-kick, which was saved by Canada goalkeeper Milan Borjan. Then in the 12-minute, Sheraldo Becker hit the bar with a shot from outside the box. These were the best two chances Suriname had to take the lead in the first half. They would get one more shot from Becker, but his shot was off-target in the 14-minute.

Suriname only had two chances to score in the second half. However, they were good chances. Shaquille Pinas from outside the box was close to a shot on goal, but the shot was off-target. Lastly, in the 70-minute Suriname had a chance to make it a one-goal game.

Mitchell te Vrede had a terrific chance to score in the centre of the goal. However, Vrede’s shot from the centre of the box was too high and off-target. Minutes later, David scored Canada’s third goal of the game and secured the win for the Canadians.

Game Overview – CanMNT eliminated Suriname in a 4-0 win

There was a lot of hype surrounding Suriname before the game. They have some great players on the team, especially on the backline. However, it is also true to say that Suriname needs to play more games with each other in order to gain more chemistry.

Canada had to go through many growing pains to get to where they are now. It also helps when a team like CanMNT produces players like David and Davies. This is a big reason why CanMNT eliminated Suriname from qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Next for Team Canada will be Haiti. Haiti eliminated Canada from the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup in the quarter-finals round. Canada will be looking to get one back at Haiti when they face each other in the two-legged tie.

For now, Canadian fans can take a breather as their team is in the second round of World Cup qualifying. On paper, Canada has more talent than Haiti, but anything can happen in a soccer game, especially since Canada’s home leg of the two-legged tie might be played in a neutral venue.

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