Preview: CMLL Aniversario 90 Card (9/16/23) – Start Time, How to Watch & More

CMLL Aniversario 90 card - CMLL vs NJPW trios graphic

With a huge mask vs mask match in the main event CMLL Aniversario 90 looks like it could be one of the biggest shows of the year both in Lucha and the entire wrestling world. Arena Mexico will play host to a stacked card that can be viewed internationally via PPV. Let’s preview the card as well as talk you through how and when to watch.

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CMLL Aniversario 90 Card

  • Copa Independencia Final: Esfinge vs Rudigo
  • CMLL Women’s Tag Championship: Lluvia &  La Jarochita vs Zeuxis & Stephanie Vaquer
  • Legends Trios: Atlantis, Octagon & Blue Panther vs El Satanico, Fuerza Guerrera & Virus
  • Titan & Soberano Jr. vs Lince Dorado & Samuray Del Sol
  • CMLL vs New Japan: Mistico, Atlantis Jr. & Mascara Dorada vs Rocky Romero, Kevin Knight & TJP
  • Volador Jr. & Angel de Oro vs Ultimo Guerrero & Averno
  • Hair vs Hair: Losers of Volador/Oro vs Guerrero/Averno
  • Mask vs Mask: Templario vs Dragon Rojo Jr.

CMLL vs Outsiders

This isn’t a match with huge story implications outside of continuing the CMLL vs the World trend from the Gran Prix but it is one to watch for those looking for awesome wrestling. Titan and Soberano are both fantastic and both Dorado and Del Dol will be up for the occasion.

CMLL vs New Japan

Rocky Romero has had a surprising career revival as a rudo in CMLL. He has taken to terrorising the good guys with all the joys of a guy with his technical background. This match sees two of his feuds converge as Mascara Dorada 2.0 sides with Mistico against Romero and NJPW. Romero and Dorada have battled it out recently, but Mistico may be next in his crosshairs.

Mistico is the most popular wrestler in CMLL so he is a perfect opponent for a foreign heel and the two could be building to a big match down the line.

Mask vs Mask

The main event is a pretty big match between two stars still at or near the peak of their powers. Earlier this year Templario defeated Rojo Jr. to win the CMLL World Middleweight Championship and successfully retained the title in a rematch in July. The two have been trading wins in tags ever since but the momentum is definitely with Templario heading into this event.

There are never any guarantees in wrestling but it is likely we see Rojo lose his mask come the end of the show.

Where to watch CMLL Aniversario 90

CMLL is easier than ever to watch as they air their shows on a PPV service. Head on over to Boletia and pick up the show for roughly $13.

CMLL Aniversario 2023 Start Time

The event begins at 5 pm local time which is a midnight start for those in the UK time zone. This is a very handy 7 pm start time for fans in America’s eastern time zone.