A Rated-R Retirement? Insight on the Potential WWE Retirement of Edge

A WWE SmackDown graphic hyping up the 25th Debut Anniversary of Edge.

Per multiple circulating reports, there’s a possibility that the career of the legendary and greatly beloved “Rated-R Superstar” Edge may be coming to an end this week when he faces off against Sheamus on the August 18th, 2023, edition of SmackDown, also marking the 25th Anniversary of his WWE debut. The match is set to take place in his hometown of Toronto, Canada, which is a fitting place to hang up his wrestling boots if this indeed is the end.

Edge’s Initial Exit

Back in 2011, literally a day after WrestleMania 27, Edge shocked the world once again. Unfortunately, it’s not because of his opportunistic ways or cashing in Money in the Bank. It was because the doctors advised him that carrying on with his career could be life-threatening due to the severity of his neck injury. As such, he had to retire prematurely to avoid any further damage to his already ailing body.

What made this situation even grimmer is the fact that Edge was the World Heavyweight Champion at the time, fresh off retaining the gold at that year’s “Showcase of the Immortals” opener, forcing him to relinquish the championship as well.

A Rated-R Re-Emergence

Almost 10 years after his retirement, Edge made one of the most memorable and electric comebacks in all of sports entertainment. Once the crowd heard the words, “You think you know me?” blasting from the stadium speakers at the 2020 edition of the Royal Rumble, they knew that business was about to pick up.

Edge is finally back, entering the Royal Rumble Match at number 21. The crowd went absolutely ballistic for every movement, look, and, Spear he delivered that night. Three years have gone by since that memorable night and Edge has gone on to do amazing things in his second run with the WWE.

He created and spearheaded The Judgment Day. Had an engaging rivalry with Finn Balor that culminated in a great Hell In A Cell Match at WrestleMania 39. And had a once in a lifetime chance to wrestle alongside his wife Beth Phoenix. On top of that, he got to main event WrestleMania 37 alongside Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan for the promotion’s richest prize.

If you ask anyone, that sounds like an amazing run for any WWE Superstar, let alone a second stint after a then-perceived, career-threatening injury.

The End Is Here…Or Just Near?

After an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw once the cameras stopped rolling last year, Edge alluded to the fact that he may be retiring once the promotion comes back to Toronto in 2023. And if the reports are correct, we will be seeing, possibly, the last match of the multi-time world champion come this Friday night, opposite the “Celtic Warrior.”

However, there is no concrete confirmation regarding these rumors. Things may have changed since the day Edge made that remark post-Raw. There’s a pretty good chance that Edge wants to continue with his career and end it on a much bigger stage.

On the Edge of an Exit?

Edge still has enough left in the tank when it comes to in-ring competition. One idea that WWE Creative could entertain, if Edge does continue his career, is setting him up to regain the championship he never lost, which is held by Seth Rollins, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

While it’s not quite the same championship Edge gave up in 2011, it stands to reason that the “Ultimate Opportunist” may still have the desire to capture the gold one last time. That scenario could mirror the storybook ending Edge’s fellow Canadian Trish Stratus received when she retired in Toronto back at Unforgiven 2006, winning the WWE Women’s Championship on her last night as a full-time in-ring competitor.

Alternatively, he can have an extended run up until WrestleMania 40, even without winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Instead, he can face off and give the nod to a burgeoning main-eventer, like a Grayson Waller or LA Knight on the “Grandest Stage of them All,” keeping up with the wrestling tradition of exiting superstars ending their careers on their backs, staring up at the lights in the name of “giving back to the business.”

Whether this is the end or not, Edge is a certified legend, and his impact on the industry will never be forgotten.

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