Preview: DEFY Wrestling Age of War (1/3/20)

Age Of War
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On Friday, January 3rd from Washington Hall, DEFY Wrestling presents the Age of War. This is the first event the promotion has held since its monumental Wrestle Summit II event at the end of November. It was at that event where DEFY along with PCW ULTRA and the UK’s Progress promotion all came together to showcase some of the best talents in the UK along with the Pacific Northwest.

January will be a busy month for DEFY as they will also be having another event on the 31st of the month. While no titles are on the line here that isn’t to say the stage isn’t being set for something greater as Year 3 approaches. Here is our preview for DEFY Wrestling’s Age of War.

Matt Sydal vs. Matt Cross

Age Of War

While calling it the battle of the ‘Matt’s’ doesn’t necessarily scream watch me, it doesn’t sway away from the truth. This battle of experienced veterans and world-traveled athletes is certain to rekindle the magic they’ve had with one another. It is interesting to note that this is only the fifth match in these two men’s history where they have faced one another.

The last time was as a tandem for Smash Wrestling facing a duo known now as The Dark Order. With a little more time and space between them, both Sydal and Cross have now come together more than two years later under the DEFY Wrestling umbrella. Which one walks away with bragging rights walking out of Washington Hall?

‘Classic’ Cody Chhun vs. ‘Golden’ Boy’ Travis Williams

Is there a higher rising star in DEFY Wrestling right now than Cody Chhun? With his stock seemingly at an all-time high, Chhun steps in the ring with a man that is quickly making a name for himself. Williams has been wrestling since he was 18 years of age. After reaching out to Scotty Mac for an opportunity Williams knew what he had to do.

Williams embraces being the heel here and will likely bring that same energy to his match against Chhun. Which man’s high reigns supreme here? Do we have a case of the rising star facing rising star here? Where will this matchup put the future of DEFY Wrestling’s championship rankings? Schaff may be facing his next biggest challenger coming out of this matchup.

Hammerstone vs. Sonico

Age Of War

A true tale of David vs Goliath is slated for this matchup. On one side the ever-confident and brash Alexander Hammerstone and on the other side of the ring the Seattle-based lucha ghoul, Sonico. The difference here is Hammerstone is coming off a tour of Japan and that only has to aid his overall chances of success in this matchup. As one of the busiest men in DEFY, Hammerstone is gunning for everyone.

While he isn’t in the ring with rival Schaff that hasn’t made him any less in demand since returning. His on-going time with fellow Dynasty members Holliday and MJF in MLW has certainly stood out. Will Hammerstone’s loss to Schaff at Wrestle Summit play on him going into this matchup? If he lets it, Hammerstone could face a shocking defeat at the hands of the lucha ghoul.

Reloaded (Jacky Lee and Shareef Morrow) vs. 4 Minutes of Heat (Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl)

This is interesting as the match features the debut of two new tag teams to DEFY. The tandem of Gibson and Pearl both emerging from Canada face fellow countrymen in the Shareef Morrow and Jacky Lee. Both tag teams have been working to build reputations for themselves north of the border.

This will, however, be the first time they have taken their experience south of the border. With big reputations and plan to prove themselves at the premier wrestling company in the Pacific Northwest! Both teams want to make a statement as part of DEFY’s tag team division and look to do so at the expense of one another.

Schaff and Amerikan Gunz vs. Artemis Spencer and Warbeast

Age Of War

The war before the war to settle the score appears to be taking place in this matchup. It never seems to end between the Amerikan Gunz and Warbeast and for good reason. Unless the Gunz regain their championships they will stop at nothing to wipe out Samuel and Fatu. Ethan HD and Mike Santiago aren’t the only ones looking to cement themselves as the dominant factors to consider in this match. Former DEFY champion, Artemis Spencer wants his opportunity at the DEFY Championship and this is the first step in that direction.

While it isn’t a championship match against Schaff, Spencer is determined to leave a mark coming out of this contest. The match result will be interesting as a champion is paired up with a challenger and the winner could certainly greater implications for a title opportunity down the line.

Uprising (Judas Icarus and Eli Surge) vs.Psicosis and Guillermo Rosas

One of the most exciting matches on the card include a legend! Former ECW, WCW and WWE star Psicosis comes to the PNW and he isn’t coming alone. Teaming with the ever-popular Guillermo Rosas, the duo looks to take out the tandem of Icarus and Surge. As the Uprising, fans are fully aware of what this tandem is capable of doing. They have familiarity with one another and know what it takes to win.

Can the same be said about their opposition across the ring from them? The challenge here will be whether or not the Uprising has regained their timing in the ring together. Tandem office and chemistry are a sign of a great team, but injuries plagued the duo of Surge and Icarus in 2019. Are they able to come out victorious in this matchup?