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Ethan Page

Canadian wrestler Ethan Page has made a name for himself in a wide range of wrestling rings, from IMPACT to indie rings all around the world. You can certainty tell that he knows the effect he’s making on the business just by his nickname, “All Ego.” From his arrogant gimmick, to his lovable real-life personality, there’s not much to dislike about Ethan Page.

Photo: Alpha-1

Page started wrestling in Canada in 2006. Four short years later, he created his own company, Alpha-1 Wrestling. His first match there was a win against Colin Delaney. In 2013, he won the A1 Alpha Male Championship over RJ City, Cheech Hernandez, and champion at the time, Mike Rollins. Page was champion for almost a year, until he lost it to Alessandro Del Bruno. While competing in many tournaments, he did not get another championship with the company until May of 2016. He pinned Josh Alexander to win the A1 Outer Limits Championship. After losing this title, Page teamed up with Cody Rhodes as 2-Stars to go after the A1 Tag Team Championships. After pinning the team of Alexander and Gavin Quinn, they were successful. However, they only kept the titles a few months, dropping them to the Western Med Connection of Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham and Jim Nye.

From 2011, he formed Monster Mafia with Josh Alexander, competing in Ring of Honor, AAW, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) and more, winning the PWG World Tag Team titles in in 2015. Directly after that run when he started to wrestle for EVOLVE Wrestling. His first match was at EVOLVE 29 Fox/Nation vs. Nese/Baretta, teaming with Alexander against The Bravado Brothers. While having many amazing singles matches throughout the next few years, Page started tagging with ACH, now known as Jordan Myles. They then became EVOLVE Tag Team Champions in 2017. Shortly after dropping the titles, Ethan left the promotion. That same year, he was signed to IMPACT Wrestling.

Ethan Page
Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

When Page first appeared for IMPACT in 2017, he went by the name Chandler Park. The first match he had with the company was against Kongo Kong. Late 2018 is when Ethan Page started to soar in the company. Chandler Park went back to being known as Ethan Page.  This transitioned into a win over Matt Sydal, and being in the Ultimate X match at IMPACT Wrestling’s Homecoming 2019 event. 2019 got even brighter for Page with the reformation of his team with Josh Alexander, now called The North. The duo were able to capture the Impact World Tag Team Titles from Latin American Exchange at Bash at the Brewery.

While still being signed to IMPACT, Page still takes as many indie bookings as he can. In fact, he had 17 matches earlier this year in April alone. This included a dog collar match with MJF at Alpha-1, to the insane GCW battle royals; you never know where you’ll see him next. Some of his most visited independent wrestling promotions include Black Label Pro, Capital City Championship Combat, and Glory Pro Wrestling.

Photo / Ethan Page, YouTube

For someone who’s gimmick is “All Ego,’ he tries everything to get his fans involved in his day-to-day life. Page has a weekly running vlog that not only gives the fans an inside look into his life, but gives the fans an opportunity to be in it. Just catch him at a merch table and ask if you can be in it! He also has a Patreon that you can subscribe to, which gets you the vlogs as soon as they’re edited. It comes with a bundle of other deals, depending on what you want to pay a month. Highspots Wrestling Network has also given Page his own podcast to interview other wrestlers. While they always let their true personalities shine, and they may get a little crazy, and you feel like you know them.

From starting a wrestling promotion right out of the gate, to being signed to one of the most known wrestling companies, to having one of the most entertaining online presences, Ethan Page can do it all. He’s currently still holds half of the IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Championships. You can always catch him before the shows he’s booked at too. Don’t forget, he’s filming the whole thing for his vlog.

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