#AndNEW: WWE 24/7 Title Changes Hands On Crazy Day at FOX

WWE 24/7

The WWE 24/7 title continues to be one of the WWE’s most beloved storylines of 2019, and it continued on a full day of mayhem and mirth on Saturday, starting earlier today when reigning 24/7 Champion Elias was performing at FOX Sports Founders Day party. After his performance, he was surprised by R-Truth, who regained the title and fended off Drake Maverick, before ducking into FOX Studios.

Once inside, he found his way to the FOX College Football studio, where several analysts were discussing the day. Just when R-Truth thought he was safe from harm, he was rolled up by FOX Sports host Rob Stone, who briefly became the new 24/7 Champion. Unfortunately, as he was celebrating, he was caught off guard by Elias, who was hunting for R-Truth, who rolled up Stone to regain the title and flee the studio.

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