Preview: PWA Green Label – Let Them Fight (6/9/19)

PWA Green Label

With Pro Wrestling Australia consistently selling out their Black Label shows at Max Watts this year it has become clear that Sydney is hungry for top-shelf pro wrestling. In order to satiate that hunger PWA is set to introduce a new brand to their offerings through the arrival of Green Label. 

These Green Label events will continue to carry over the 18+ atmosphere from the Black Label brand. However, rather than showcasing the household names that Sydney, and global, fans are familiar with these Green Label shows will unleash the Young Lions of the PWA Academy onto the world in an unrestricted Fight Club style environment.

For fans unable to attend Crowbar this Sunday PWA will also be live streaming the event via OVOPlay at

PWA Green Label – Let Them Fight (6/9/19) Preview

Until then though let’s break down the card leading into the inaugural Green Label event.

Donnie Mako vs Will Keidis

Although yet to make his full-fledged PWA debut the rumours and buzz surrounding Donnie Mako have already begun to creep into the audiences at PWA Black Label events. Sources within the academy have told us that this man hits ridiculously hard and is an incredible high-flyer, so fans are likely going to love this young man.

Mako hasn’t been given an easy path onto the main stage though as he is set to tussle with Kelly Gang member Will Keidis. Having already made his Black Label debut with the entire Kelly Gang back in February at The Fight For Black Metal Keidis knows what is required to come out victorious on the big stage.

Can Mako take a bite out of the competition on debut or will the Kelly Gang inject themselves into this one to save their brethren?

Sam Osborne vs Big Fudge

Another member of the Kelly Gang is also slated to compete this weekend.

Osborne was also very impressive in his PWA Black Label debut back in February so will be hoping to keep the ball rolling this weekend. Unfortunately for Osborne though he will be facing some very, very difficult competition in “Ultimate Fighter” Fudge.

Xena vs Bel Pierce

These two ladies are no strangers to performing on the grand stage. Both women have competed at numerous Black Label events, Piece has competed internationally for RISE, and this weekend Xena will also make her Melbourne City Wrestling debut.

What Green Label provides for both Xena and Piece though is an opportunity to showcase the skills they’ve honed throughout the years at the PWA Academy in singles competition. No doubt both ladies will be determined to have their hand raised at the conclusion of this contest. So expect both women to leave every last ounce energy in the ring!

Kai Drake vs Richard South

Since being forced to join the evil SMS Richard South (formerly known as “Tuff Stuff” Ricky South) seems to have embraced his vicious, violent and maniacal side. Whilst fans have been left devastated witnessing this transformation, for South the change has been nothing but positive as he has been picking up multiple victories.

Standing across from South this Sunday will be one of PWA’s most devastating strikers “Dragon Heart” Kai Drake. Known for his brutally strong kicks Drake will look to meet the new violent South head on in what could be one of PWA’s most bruising encounters of all time.

Michael Spencer vs Carter Deems

Given that these two men are well known to the PWA faithful they will be looking to set an example of the hard-hitting style expected from PWA Academy graduates.

After losing to Carter Deems in a tag team match at Once Upon A Time In Max Watts Michael Spencer will be coming into this match seeking vengeance. Conversely, the brash Deems will be entering into this contest brimming with confidence.

Can “The World’s Finest” Carter Deems once again dethrone “The Prince Of All Wrestling” Michael Spencer or will Spencer exact his vengeance?

The Velocities (Jude London & Paris De Silva) vs Light Speed Express (Robbie Eagles & Mat Diamond)

In what can only be described as a dream match, the main event of the inaugural Green Label event will see two of Australia’s greatest high-flying tag teams squaring off for the first time ever.

Fresh off an incredible performance in the New Japan Pro Wrestling Best Of The Super Juniors tournament Robbie Eagles will reform his tag team with former partner Mat Diamond for one night only. Back in their heyday as a tag team these two men were considered innovators due to the speed and aerial prowess.

Much like their opponents once were The Velocities are now considered the innovators of tag team wrestling in Australia. In just the last 12 months we’ve witnessed Paris De Silva (Shooting Star DDT) and Jude London (diving form the Max Watts mezzanine) set the internet ablaze with their death-defying aerial feats.

This weekends match will be a tough test for the youngsters as they face two men who they once idolised, and have since been trained by or partnered up with. Did the veterans teach The Velocities everything they know or did they hold back a few little secrets?

Either way, this match is set to be a blink and you’ll miss it affair!